10 Best Hair Transplant Doctors In USA

Best Hair Transplant Doctors

When it comes to any type of surgery, let’s face it, you want the best of the best. It’s your body, and someone is cutting things and putting everything back together. Is this the time you want a rookie? Do your homework to ensure that you have found one of the best hair transplant doctors in the country, especially considering the intricate nature of hair transplant surgery. If you’re lucky enough to find one of these 10 best, consider yourself Fabio.

1. Well, he already has the name: Bernstein Medical’s founder, Dr. Robert M. Bernstein was voted “Best Doctor” by a panel of peers. With countless surgeries dating back to 1995, it’s easy to see why he is one of the best hair transplant doctors.

2. It’s a Club! No, not THAT kind of club. Doctors belonging to The Coalition of Independent Hair Restoration Physicians follow a set of standards ensuring proper patient care and treatment, along with stressing physician accountability. This translates into your doctor not only having a strong work ethic, but a genuinely thorough knowledge of your problem and possible solutions. If you are lucky enough to get an appointment with Dr. Robert Dorin in NYC, consider yourself lucky!

3. If it’s good enough for them! Celebrity hair transplants are often done by Dr. Craig L. Ziering along with his staff at Ziering Medical. While his procedures can’t make you look like Clooney, you can rest assured that your condition will be treated by experts in the field.

4. It’s Ladies Night: Female hair transplant surgeries are rare, which is all the more reason to find an expert for consultation. Dr. Sejal Shah, M.D. of Bernstien medical specializes in treatment of women.

5. Ooooh! Look! A Pioneer! Women have been smashing barriers for years, and Marina Pizarro, M.D. is no exception. She is one of the best hair transplant doctors for numerous reasons. She is the first female hair transplant surgeon ever, and today has over 30,000 surgeries under her belt.

6. Board Certified: Dr. Glenn Charles of the Charles medical group served as the President of the American Board of Restoration Surgery in 2011 and has transplanted over One Million follicles. Doing one million of anything sounds like a fair amount of experience!

7. If he’s good enough for CBS: Dr. Alan Bauman is a very well known as a hair restoration expert. He has appeared in print, on television and on webcasts. He is affiliated with many prestigious organizations and is one of the best hair transplant doctors in the country.

8. Experience + Recommendations = If you feel like heading to scenic Michigan for your surgery, stop by the offices of Drs. Tessler and Aronovitz. They are highly recommended, have been practicing surgeries since 1974, and are highly regarded by peers.

9. Innovation and Experience: with their development of lateral stilts, Drs. Wong & Hasson are innovative and experienced, making them on the list of best hair transplant surgeons.

10. IAHRS – Docs near you!: Use the website for the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons to find great doctors in your area that are recommended by the Organization. Since most people can’t jet out to L.A. for a surgery, it makes sense to have a resource directing you to recommended physicians in your area.

No matter what kind of surgery you are considering, knowing and trusting your doctor is as critical as the procedure itself. Past patients and colleagues offer a wealth of knowledge about your pending physician, and can help you make good decisions for your health care.