10 Best Organic Baby Bath Products

Organic Baby Bath Products

Organic baby bath products are highly popular right now, but how do you know which ones are the right choice for your baby? Some products aren’t as organic as they claim to be! The more local you shop is usually the better for organic products, but that can also get very pricey. Here is a list of the top ten best organic baby bath products on the market:

1. Are you looking for an organic baby wash? California Baby Super Sensitive Shampoo and Bodywash is an all-natural product that uses natural vegetable glucoside cleansers so that your baby’s skin is safe from chemicals and is still clean!

2. Organic Baby Wipes: Kissa’s Organic Baby Wipes are made from cotton and hemp and can also be used as burp cloths and bibs!

3. If you prefer to use an organic diaper rash cream, consider Nature Baby Organics products which include a cream made with lavender and chamomile.

4. Babecology Serenity Balm is ranked very high amongst organic baby bath products. It is made with natural oils and plant extracts.

5. Banana Lilly’s Baby Bottom Butter is all natural and organic. Check out their Mommy’s Tummy Butter as well!

6. Baby Lotion: Another safe brand to look at when choosing organic baby bath products is Essential Aromas. In addition to baby lotion, you can also find bubble bash and body wash from this company.

7. Burt’s Bees produce a wide range of baby products. Try their Baby Bee Bubble Bath for a gentle cleansing with lots of playtime bubbles.

8. Little Twig’s Organic Baby Bath with tangerine, lemon and rosemary and is not only for use in your baby’s bath, but you can use it in your own as well.

9. Mustela’s foaming baby shampoo for newborns will moisturize your baby’s skin and erase cradle cap.

10. California Baby Massage Oil is the perfect product to use after your baby’s bath and before bedtime.