10 Safest Keratin Hair Products

Keratin Hair Products

Keratin hair products skyrocketed in popularity due to their amazing straightening and smoothing effects that keratin smoothing treatment produces. As keratin is a natural protein, keratin hair straightening was very marketable. Unfortunately, early keratin hair products contained dangerous amounts of formaldehyde, toxic fumes and keratin products were not trusted by consumers. However, although damaged hair home remedies were safer, they did not have the same amazing effect as keratin hair products, so in order to provide the best products for frizzy hair, many companies began manufacturing formaldehyde free keratin hair products. Here is a list of the top 10 safest Keratin hair products:

1. Keratin Express Smoothing Treatment is not made with formaldehyde and will eliminate frizz and repair damage. This particular product should not be applied to blond hair.

2. Keratin Express Smoothing Treatment for blondes will accomplish everything the regular product does and is specially formulated for blond or light colored hair.

3. Keratin Brazilian Treatment and Clarifying Pre-Treatment Shampoo is not only safe to use, but also won’t burn your eyes.

4. BioNaza Diamond Formaldehyde Free Brazilian Keratin Treatment utilizes both keratin and collagen to eliminate frizz or straighten even the curliest hair.

5. Organix Brazilian Keratin Therapy 30 Day Smoothing Hair Treatment gets rid of 95% of frizz in any hair.

6. Unnique Formaldehyde Free Amino Keratin Treatment is so natural, it can be used on children starting at age 12.

7. KC Keratin Cure is a completely organic keratin hair product that restores, rehydrates and smoothes out frizz and curls.

8. Innosys Istraight Advanced Keratin Treatment is free from all harmful chemicals.

9. Simply Smooth Xtend Touch Keratin at Home Smooth Treatment is a spray on product that works for one month.

10. Magic Protection Formaldehyde Free Straightening Treatment reduces frizz, kinks, curls and improves shine.