10 Secrets To Reduce Oily Skin In 1 Week!

Reduce Oily Skin

So, your vacation is just over a week away. You are looking forward to the breathtaking views from your luxurious cabana and crispy ocean air blowing in your face. Maybe it’s not a vacation you’re looking forward to. Maybe you have an important meeting, dinner, or date. Either way, you’re looking for a fast way to reduce oily skin. For those of you who waited until the last minute to address your petroleum jelly filled pores, here is a list of 10 Secrets to Reduce Oily Skin in 1 Week!

1. CHANGE YOUR SHEETS: Losing sleep over your greasy mug? While you’re tossing and turning, change your pillowcase. Even if you wash your face before bed, a decent amount of oil is going to keep reproducing, and end up right on your favorite pillowcase. The more acrobatic you are while sleeping, the more oil gets re-homed in your freshly emptied pores, leaving you with enough very oily skin to ruin your morning coffee.

2. EXFOLIATE (A LITTLE): DO exfoliate, but DON’T exfoliate too often. Once a week is just fine, even for those of us who need to reduce oily skin. When used in conjunction with other oily skin remedies, Exfoliation can be a powerful tool.

3. SHOP THE RIGHT WAY: If you have excessive oil, the last thing you need to do is add to it, so make sure your make up is “oil free”. No reason to add margarine to the shortening.

4. YUP, CRUNCHES: I’ll bet you’re wondering how on Earth exercising has anything to do with how to treat oily skin? Well, exercising sends fresh oxygen rich blood to your face allowing a healthy exchange for your skin. Don’t wear makeup while exercising and make sure to wash afterwards, but before you do, see number 5….

5. SCRUB A DUB DUB: Wash your face when it makes sense for you and works with your schedule. Twice a day, when you wake and before you rest, is more than adequate. You may interject a wash here or there however, if you have engaged in brisk exercise or decided the day wouldn’t be complete without getting your face painted.

6. NO TOUCHIE! That’s right. No matter how much attention you are trying to draw to yourself by suggestively and consistently stroking the hair away from your face, knock it off. You are taking all the goo that has collected on your hands since their last wash and depositing it on your face and hair. Your attempt at looking foxy might have just left you looking more like a buttered corn cob.

7. MO’ MUD, NO PROBLEMS: A facial mud masque once a week is a great solution to draw out excess oil. When combined with other techniques, it can be an awesome way to reduce oily skin.

8. DON’T BE OLD SCHOOL: Just because when you were in 7th grade the “in thing” to do was always wear a ¼” thick layer of foundation under compact powder doesn’t mean your habits can’t mature as you age. You can go out of the box and opt for pressed powder or mineral powder with no foundation underneath. Reapplication of pressed powder is a great way to stop oily skin with touch ups throughout the day.

9. AGUA: Drinking lots of water will benefit your whole body, but it will help reduce oily skin also. Don’t think that the added moisture will translate into grease. Drying out your skin by dehydration won’t cure your oily woes and can cause your skin to produce MORE oil to compensate!

10. TAKE YOUR FLINTSTONES: Or, whatever kind of vitamins you like that give you the all around goodness to meet your daily needs. Vitamin B5 is great for skin and has been proven to reduce your nose and face’s oleaginous properties.

By taking some preventative and proactive measures, you can greatly reduce the amount of extra deep fryer oil you are lugging around on your frontage without drastic modifications to your current lifestyle, giving you a glowing and matte complexion that is stunning day or night.