10 Unexpected Oily Forehead Solutions That Work!

Oily Forehead

Most people have combination skin type with an oily t zone area and dry cheeks. Oil glands are present in greater concentration on the forehead, nose and the chin. Often the glands on the forehead, become over active, causing oily forehead.

Here are the 10 unexpected oily forehead solutions that work :

1. Eating oily food – Nuts, fatty fish like salmon, avocados etc have loads of phyto-nutrients that can correct the hormonal imbalances that are probably the reason your over active oil glands.

2. Herbal magic – Essential oils like chamomile, sandalwood and lavender are not only great for consuming orally but also induce deep relaxation and sleep through their pleasant smells, thus reducing stress hormones that is causing your oil glands to over secrete.

3. Jogging in the sunlight – Early morning sunlight is one of gifts from nature to mankind. Produce your own vitamin D, simultaneously removing your skin toxins through sweat.

4. Deep breathing – Breadth brings oxygen into the lungs and aids in elimination of lung toxins. Studies have shown that deep breathing can correct many health conditions.

5. Curd – Curd is an excellent cleanser and a toner. Make a paste of gram flour and curd and apply to your oily forehead.

6. Keeping your hair clean – oils from the hair mixed with dandruff and dust and trigger acne on the forehead. Hence, always clean your hair and pull up your bangs.

7. Mangosteen concoctions – Make a paste of mangosteen juice and lavender oil / almond oil and massage it on the face. Mangosteen, an exotic fruit contains powerful array of anti-oxidants which include xanthones, vitamin c and vitamin E.

8. Egg whites mask – This is great blackhead treatment which also makes the skin firm by absorbing the excess oil from pores. Mix a little honey in egg whites and apply it for 15 minutes before showering.

9. Castor oil – An excellent cleaning oil. Can leave your skin dry. So, mix only a few drops of castor oil in other oil or fruits concoction to make your own forehead cleanser.

10. Rose water baths – The chemicals in rose petals have unique toning properties for oily skin. Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and natural rose water to your bath water.

Always use the best primer for oily skin that controls oil on your forehead, before applying your makeup. Follow home remedies for oily skin and obtain healthy and flawless skin.