5 Best Baby Hair Gel Products

Baby Hair Gel

Toddlers and Tiaras inspiring you do dress your little one to the nines and flash them around to hopefully land them on the cover of BabyGap? Or have you developed an overwhelming fondness for Justin Bieber causing you to want to express yourself through your child’s hair? Or, are you in the refusal to cut their hair stage and need a way to tame those messy locks? Enter youth styling products and more specifically, baby hair gel.

It’s not a great idea to go slathering a dollop of whatever you use to perfect your fauxhawk on baby’s sensitive skin and hair. The chemicals contained in same can cause irritation on baby’s scalp or in their eyes if a trail of goo was to wander south. If you’re looking for baby hair gel, start with this list of the 5 best.

1. Original Sprout Baby Hair Gel: Taming flyaways and promoting smoother hair, this product from a company known for its baby hair products works on everything from curls to crew cuts.

2. Love Me Baby Hair Putty: Even the best baby shampoo does little to liven up baby fine hair. Counteract their thin silky locks with this smoothing and lifting putty.

3. Le Baby: Fragrance free and gentle for use on baby, this baby hair gel is also a bargain at around ten bucks.

4. Original Little Sprout Curl Calmer: For those crazy curls, you want something that won’t dry and won’t harden to concrete. This formula achieves both and is safe for little ones. This manufacturer is a well known creator of many organic baby bath products, including vegan options.

5. Ricitos de Oro Baby Styling Gel with Chamomile: If you’re on a tight budget, you can pick this baby hair gel up for around three dollars. Effective for curl taming and cowlick conquering this inexpensive formula is safe for baby and wallet friendly, so pick up a baby hair brush with your savings.

All products, even those deemed safe for infants require close supervision at first use. The skin of a baby is so sensitive that even specially formulated products could yield unwanted irritation. Test a small spot on your little one’s skin prior to first full application to ensure tolerance.