5 Best Home Remedies For Oily Face

Home Remedies For Oily Face

Home remedies for common ailments can be very useful or downright hilarious and can include everything from jumping jacks to sliced potatoes. Below are the 5 best home remedies for oily face conditions, a list that can be used in conjunction with your regular beauty regimen.

1. Aloe Vera Gel: That same prickly plant that relieves your sunburn is one of the lesser known home remedies for oily skin. Whether from the bottle, or straight from a broken leaf, aloe Vera gel applied to the skin absorbs oil and clears pores when dabbed on two or three times a day.

2. Rubbing Alcohol: Not just for ticking kids with boo boos off anymore, rubbing alcohol can act as a great superhero against an oily face. Of all of the home remedies for oily faces that appear here, rubbing alcohol is probably the easiest and most accessible. You can even find little pads to keep with you for a dab or a touch up throughout the day.

3. Make A Scrub: Why buy one when you can make one? Scrubs are not only therapeutic; they are also a great answer to the question of how to prevent oily skin. Scrubs clean, firm, tone and protect all in one use. Make a scrub by combining ground almonds and honey. Gently massage on the face with a warm washcloth, and rinse with warm water. The exfoliating properties of a homemade scrub make it one of the best home remedies for oily face conditions.

4. Ponytails: If you aren’t going out for the evening, you can always pull your hair back. Oily hair and oily skin go hand in hand and your luxurious locks could be depositing pore pudding all over your face. Pull your hair back to prevent further oil build up.

5. Egg Facial Masque: If you are feeling a little creative, here is one of the lesser known home remedies for oily face symptoms. Split an egg into 2 tiny dishes, adding a bit of lemon juice to the egg white. Mix this concoction until foamy. Rub a hot washcloth on the face to open the pores and apply your deconstructed eggs Benedict. Wait 15-30 minutes. Wash the hardened goo off your face with a warm washcloth. Follow the same steps (sans lemon juice) with the egg yolk; the only difference is to do your final rinse with cold water. This will cleanse, tighten and firm, and de-grease the skin’s surface.

Sometimes you don’t always have what you need on hand, or are having a particularly shiny day and you’re all out of face wash for oily skin. By using the above home remedies, you can be assured that you’ll look great even when you’re out of products, or need a boost in conjunction with what you have available.