5 Best Home Remedies For Plantar Warts

Home Remedies For Plantar Warts

Home remedies for wart removal are not glamorous in nature, but might be something to discuss with your physician, and attempt before “going under the knife.” Plantar warts are not necessarily harmful, but given their preferred location, residing on the bottom of well used feet, they can be painful and bothersome. Here are five of the best home remedies for plantar warts:

1. Duct Tape: May as well start with the most ridiculous option. Look, duct tape is worth a try if for nothing other than being a very inexpensive option and something you probably have lying around your house. Duct tape may not be as effective in foot wart removal as some of the other options, but it’s inconclusive test results, combine with hoards of people saying that it worked for them leave this questionable treatment open to your own interpretation as there is no concrete evidence to suggest its effectiveness. While cheap, this may not be one of the best home remedies for plantar warts.

2. Cold Wart Removal freeze method: you can blast those bad boys off with a can of over the counter canned Arctic tundra. Better known as “cryotherapy” (freezing things), can be done at home as well as in your doctor’s office, although the physicians treatments are arguably more effective. A can of this type of product can be found at drugstores or grocery stores and is one of the newer available home remedies for wart removal.

3. Salicylic Acid: While it smells awful, and takes a long time, salicylic acid has long been one of the more effective home remedies for wart removal. Treatment via salicylic acid is painless, and can take anywhere from 2-3 months. Application is fast and easy and can be done at home and is best when used in conjunction with a pre-soak of the area and proper covering after application.

4. WAIT! No, seriously. Just wait. Unless your wart is particularly obnoxious, for some reason painful, or is scaring small children, just leave it alone if you can. One of the safest home remedies for plantar warts is leaving it alone. Most will go away over a period of months.

5. Cabinet Remedies: As with any list of home remedies, things from your pantries and cabinets just had to wiggle their way on here. Castor oil (very acidic) has been suggested for use as a home remedy, along with baking soda, lemon juice, pineapple juice, figs and so forth. There is no conclusive evidence that food products are the best home remedies for plantar warts, but if you want some options to try before exploring laser surgery, your leftovers might be an option.

Since what causes plantar warts is a virus, and they are spread like wildfire, home removal and symptom management are very popular options. Just remember that if your plantar wart causes you excessive pain or becomes bothersome to the point of interfering with daily activities, medical attention may be required.