5 Best Natural Handmade Soap Manufacturers

Natural Handmade Soap

It used to be that natural bar soaps smelled as bad as the stank you were trying to wash off in the first place. You would be further ahead whipping up your favorite at home liquid soap recipe than purchasing a block. And forget being the best cleanser for oily skin, natural soaps used to be packed full of oils leaving you smelling funny and rather greasy. Thankfully, those days are long gone and natural soap making recipes no longer contain lye, smell like feet or leave your skin feeling worse than it did when you started. A new problem has come about however. Not only are products like natural soap and handmade glycerin soap effective products, able to compete with every chemical packed bar on the shelves in terms of scent and success, some of them are even better. And, since natural handmade soap is gaining popularity, your biggest decision won’t be “which one is the least terrible” it will be deciding between many, many great choices. Since it’s impossible to pick just a few greats in a sea of awesomeness, we’ve come up with a list of our top choices for the 5 best natural handmade soap manufacturers. Composition is pretty consistent with brands, once you have decided on a maker, you can then go on to pick the bar that is right for your skin type or that you prefer the scent of. And with today’s beauty market out of control in terms of price, knowing that you can still pick up a bar of great soap for a few bucks is comforting. Check out one of these top natural handmade soap manufacturers!

1. Tom’s of Maine: Combining old fashioned know-how with natural ingredients and “good science” equals quality products that you can feel good about buying.

2. Blackberry Creek Soaps: Decorative, functional and affordable! You can’t go wrong with any pick of natural handmade soap from Blackberry Creek!

3. Lusa Organics: Products for adults and babies too full of honest ingredients from a full line of soaps, lotions, balms and scrubs.

4. Poppy Soap: Wonderful cause aside (they donate to your local women’s shelter for every bar bought) have you SEEN the soaps from Poppy Soap Co.? No? Then WHAT are you waiting for? They are amazing looking, organic, and handmade.

5. Kelly Soap: A one woman show, Kelly Sullivan hand crafts each and every bar to be not only aromatic, but also exceptionally aesthetically pleasing. You may not want to use these artsy creations!