5 Best Seborrheic Dermatitis Natural Treatment Solutions

Seborrheic Dermatitis Natural Treatment

While seeing a dermatologist is imperative when dealing with seborrheic dermatitis treatment options, there are a host of home remedies that can prove useful for daily symptoms and help alleviate the pain, itching and other discomfort associated with the ailment, here we will examine 5, most of which you already have on hand or hiding in a cabinet.

1. Lunch Lotion: Well, please don’t rub your lunch leftovers all over yourself, but some of what you may have had at your favorite eatery can be beneficial seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment remedies. Coconut oil and avocado extracts are great agents for soothing flaky, itchy skin, adding essential oils to the areas you need it most. Look for products containing these natural wonders though, instead of scrubbing your t-zone with an avocado rind.

2. Sunburn and dermatitis combo pack: Aloe Vera may be the universal skin care ally, soothing the skin for a variety of ailments including being a great seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment option. Pick up a lotion containing same, or go old school and split a leaf from your Gramma’s living room plant (she won’t miss just one) and apply it to your affected regions. True you may smell a bit like feet, but you won’t be itching. Aloe Vera has long been a great substance for many types of dermatitis.

3. Tea Tree Oil: Is there anything this stuff can’t do? If you are shopping for a seborrheic dermatitis shampoo, snatch up one containing tea tree oil. Paul Mitchell makes a great product with tea tree oil that smells wonderful and, with the added benefit of tea tree oil being a head lice deterrent (nobody needs that additional headache) you can’t go wrong. Watch for the tingle though, most products containing the magical sap-goo will more than wake you up if you’re a little groggy when applied.

4. Honey, Honey, Honey: Got one of those cute bears in your cabinet and realize you bought it for one recipe and that lonely bear has had no attention? Repurpose your bee by-product into a short and long term seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment solution. Dilute the sweet syrup (crude or raw is best) to 90% and rub on lesions and affected areas for 2-3 minutes. Leave it on for 3 hours following (avoid bear caves during this time) and rinse with warm water.

5. Nothing! Well, not nothing, but sometimes a clean dry terrycloth is all you need. Using a dry terrycloth rubbed gently over the affected areas that have begun to flake can remove the debris providing a great deal of comfort just by sloughing off the excess sludge. This can not only reduce the amount of itching, but is also a great way to provide seborrheic dermatitis treatment face. Face and scalp regions are less assisted by this remedy, but it is great for the torso and other large areas of the body. Rubbing slowly and gently is important however so as not to induce skin trauma and bleeding.

Seborrheic dermatitis natural treatment options are for symptom relief only and are no substitute for dermatological consultation and treatment discussion. However, the above remedies in conjunction with possible prescription medication including topicals and anti-fungals can be beneficial and really help the symptoms associated with this skin condition.