5 Herbs For Eczema Healing

Herbs For Eczema Healing

One of the coolest things about natural and herbal remedies is that sometimes they actually work. After all, many of the medicines we use today get their beneficial properties from compounds found in nature. It’s no surprise then that the Chinese, who have been treating this condition for years with herbs for eczema, have made recent headlines with their natural approach to using natural cures for eczema.

A quick stroll through your local drugstore will yield have an aisle of eczema treatment over the counter, but you probably won’t find any Fang Feng. You are also unlikely to find any Zhi Mu. Chinese Herbs for eczema, while popular, might be a little harder to find and might require either a trip to a health food store or some advice from your health care provider. After all, you should always discuss any home remedies with your health care provider before trying anything. Do you know for sure whether your Ku Shen will interfere with your aspirin? No, you don’t, so ask.

Burdock root and Bupleurum might be a little easier to find but don’t count on not having to put a little time and effort into finding available herbs for eczema. As with any whole or natural product, it may be hard to find what you’re looking for on a major retailer’s store shelves. You can use the internet, but buyer beware because let’s face it; you are unlikely to be able to tell if what you are getting is really Shi Gao or looseleaf oregano. Check reviews and product descriptions to make sure you’re buying what you are meaning to buy. You can also check out holistic day spas for advice.

If you are looking for easy to find and effective herbs for eczema, look for the following commonly found herbs and products containing these 5 herbs for eczema relief:

1. Chamomile, named a remedy for just about anything, takes its rightful place among anti-eczema natural cures for its skin soothing benefits.

2. St. John’s Wort’s magic ingredient hypericin is believed to be responsible for its skin healing properties.

3. Licorice (rubbing twizzlers on yourself does NOT count), who would have though that this candy ingredient can remedy your itchy skin by providing it with its anti-inflammatory benefits.

4. Witch Hazel is especially beneficial for your wet oozing eczema sores by helping reduce inflammation and dry them up.

5. Calendula is a safe and gentle eczema remedy especially if you have children. A solution of calendula added in your child’s bath water will immediately reduce inflammation and tame skin itching.

Remember that natural remedies are a great way to avoid medicinal side effects, or even just add a boost to your current treatment without having to worry too much about interactions. You can greatly increase your chances of success by sticking to a good cleansing and moisturizing routine, changing your eating habits to a histamine free eczema diet and avoiding triggers like animal dander and pollen. Talk to your doctor about herbs and eczema, and remember, buyer beware!