7 Interesting Facts About Tanning Oil With SPF

Tanning Oil

When deciding which tanning accelerator you want to choose, tanning oil is an easy and affordable choice. Of course, you can always self tan. If you do not want to risk the sun’s harsh rays, you can find the best self tanner, like a self tanning spray, and instantly bronze your skin! However, the tan you will receive might not necessarily look authentic and sometimes, self tanning products leave an odor. The best looking tan is usually a suntan, however you have to consider sunscreen lotion with your tanning oil. Unless, you choose a tanning oil that has SPF. Here are 7 interesting facts about tanning oil with SPF:

1. Tanning oil works by magnifying the sun’s rays.

2. Most tanning oils only has a small amount of SPF. The purpose of the oil is to capture the sun’s rays, not block them! However, this can be dangerous. Dermatologists recommend if you are going to use a tanning oil product, find one with a higher SPF. The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends SPF of 15 or higher for anyone who is heading to the beach or is going to be exposed to direct sun rays for more than 15 minutes.

3. Many people create their own tanning oil with baby oil, or baby oil and iodine. This is very dangerous as not only is there no protection from UV rays, the oil increases their effects leaving you more at risk.

4. Suntan oil resists water! If you slathered in tanning oil and feel like a swim, you won’t have to reapply your oil when you leave the water.

5. A benefit of tanning oil is that it is a moisturizer. Natural oils are used in tanning oil and those oils soften your skin, erasing the signs of damage the sun creates. However, if you have oily skin or you are prone to blemishes, oils for tanning might not be your best choice.

6. You must not use suntan oil on children. Children are highly susceptible to the sun’s rays. Since tanning accelerates the UV rays, you can severely burn and damage a child’s skin by applying oil before they go out in the sun.

7. There are tanning oils made specifically for outdoor tanning and oils made for tanning beds. Make sure you know which oil you have before tanning outside or getting into a tanning bed!