7 Most Common Causes of Rosacea

Causes of Rosacea

Believe it or not, you have a lot more to blame for your red cheeks than your heritage. Rosacea has many causes and triggers. Normally a mild condition that requires minimal, if any, treatment, the condition can become much more serious if it progresses to ocular rosacea whereby the affected areas reach the eye. By minimizing your exposure to the 7 most common causes of rosacea, you can reduce the occurrences of same and whether mild or severe, dramatically increase your comfort level.

1. The sun: The absolute most common cause of rosacea. Avoiding excessive sunbathing might keep your symptoms of rosacea at bay if you already have it. And, keep the sunscreen handy if you are outside for awhile, because even red wrinkles are still wrinkly.

2. Stress: Sometimes when you bottle your stress, your body lets it out for you. Stress is almost as frequently one of the causes of rosacea as the sun. Therefore getting frustrated while outside probably isn’t a good idea.

3. Hot Weather: High temperatures and uncomfortable humidity can wreak havoc on your skin. Find a cool and shady spot and chill out and rest frequently when the mercury rises.

4. High winds: Don’t let those red cheeks from a day of mountain climbing become permanent. Protect your face in high winds with some petroleum jelly or moisturizer, and don a ski mask if you have to.

5. Heavy Exercise: Now, don’t use this unlikely contender on the causes of rosacea list keep you from getting fit. Normal exercise won’t cause this condition. Extreme physical exertion however might. Don’t overdo it, and for heaven’s sakes don’t overdo it while outside on a hot, sunny and windy day.

6. Alcohol Consumption: Skin and body changes are common in people who consume alcohol frequently. While many people associate jaundice with alcohol use, fewer are likely to know it’s one of the common causes of rosacea.

7. Hot Baths: It’s probably becoming evident by this point that heat and rosacea seem to be very fond of each other as things that are hot keep popping up on this list of causes of rosacea. While hot baths can be relaxing (hey! Maybe they can reduce some of that stress from number 2!) they can also create a palette of rouge on your face. Go for lukewarm instead and if you crave the soothing effects of heat, try a footbath instead.

There are many types of rosacea, and so therefore the causes are extremely varied. In addition to the above being the source of your condition, they are all also triggers that can exacerbate your symptoms, so avoidance of them after diagnosis is critical also. Speak to your health care provider about medicated rosacea cream or some of the many herbal remedies available to treat your symptoms. A combination of practical and effective care and trigger avoidance can dramatically reduce the appearance of your rosy cheeks.