7 Most Important Pubic Hair Removal Tips For Women

Pubic Hair Removal Tips For Women

We have all encountered the unknowing beach goer, wearing a bathing suit sans cover up, who looks as though a wolverine is trying to escape from the spandex like material that is her bikini bottom. Ladies, it’s never acceptable to have hair poking out of your nether regions, and while nobody expects a decorative palm tree surprise down below, neat and clean are the rules when you’re sporting your micro bikini.

Many people have looked into laser hair removal underarms solutions or even for their entire legs. Others dealing with facial hair problems have considered laser hair removal upper lip procedures, but nobody seems to mind their pubic hair. This could be because it’s a sensitive region, or embarrassing, or because bikini laser hair removal cost is high. But, if you aren’t going to elect the permanent route for your bushy buster, then you need to use proper at home care to ensure that you aren’t popping out everywhere. Before you begin your routine, be sure to check out this list of the 7 most important pubic hair removal tips for women!

1. Use shaving cream: It may be an awkward area to shave, and adding slick may seem like a bad idea – but so is irritation. Let’s face it; the pubic area isn’t exactly the place you want to be walking around scratching (perhaps male pubic hair removal explains why the burlier sex scratches that particular area so much?)

2. Pick a proper razor: They actually make razors for that particular region. Do you want a cut down there? Probably not. Use the right tools for the job, an important entry in on the list of pubic hair removal tips for women.

3. Trim: Do not apply shaving cream and a razor to 3 inches of bushy pubic hair and expect everything to work out okay. A beard trimmer beforehand will make your job easier and safer.

4. Only wax if you’re brave: It’s going to hurt, and it’s a sensitive area. You may elect to leave waxing to the professionals when it’s in such a delicate area.

5. You don’t have to shave the whole thing! This is by far the most ignored entry on the list of pubic hair removal tips for women. It’s not necessary to have a bare beaver unless it’s really what you want. You can trim and shave the areas that stick out of your underwear or bikini and still have a clean and maintained look.

6. Use a mirror: You are not an ostrich. Find a comfortable position that affords a reasonable view, and use a mirror if need be. Don’t “guess.” You have a cutting tool near your wa-hoo-hoo after all.

7. It’s not an everyday thing: The last important item on the list of pubic hair removal tips for women is not to overdo it. You are going to get stubble and regrowth, and that’s okay! It’s what hair does! Just so long as it isn’t creeping down your leg! Once a week and no more is adequate to prevent irritation and those nasty and annoying bumps.