7 Most Unexpected Ingredients In Mascara!

Ingredients In Mascara

The cosmetic industry uses many ingredients that would shock and worry us a little! From table salt to arsenic to animal by-products, the cosmetics that make our skin glow and our lips shine are very surprising. Ingredients in mascara also span the gambit. Whether you are looking for the best volume mascara, lengthening mascara or the best mascara for sensitive eyes, the basic ingredients in mascara are the same. However, some companies add surprising ingredients in their mascaras.

Here is a list of 7 unexpected ingredients in mascara:

1. Bat guano mascara is a myth, perpetuated by a reality show on which an on air personality discovered guano and told viewers they could find it in mascara. What is actually in mascara is guanine: a derivative from fish scales. There are no feces based substances in the ingredients in mascara.

2. Fiber mascara contains tiny fibers of rayon or silk, which adhere to your lashes to thicken and lengthen them.

3. Fragrance is another unexpected ingredient manufacturers add to their mascara formulas, however fragrance is very irritating to your sensitive eyes and should be avoided.

4. Oil of turpentine is readily added to waterproof and regular mascara types. Turpentine is a derivative of pine tree resin.

5. Originally, mascara was comprised of Vaseline and coal dust! Later ingredients included hair dyes. Currently, strict regulations forbid these ingredients.

6. Mascara is strictly regulated due to blindness caused by early ingredients in mascara. You still have to pay attention, though, because some manufacturers still use Thimerosal as a preservative, which can severely irritate the eyes.

7. Cochineal beetles is not something you would want in your mascara, however, it could be added to colored mascaras for giving them a special crimson hue.