7 Secrets of Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive Sweating Treatment

Excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, although not life threatening, can cause a lot of embarrassment and distress to the person suffering from the condition. A usual excessive sweating treatment is the use of an antiperspirant. For mild cases, often an over-the-counter product can work fine, but for severe cases, your doctor might prescribe a clinical strength antiperspirant.

Here are the 7 secrets of an excessive sweating treatment you should know about:

1. Balancing your health and improving your natural immune system are the best treatments for excessive sweating of unknown causes.

2. Excessive sweating treatment should contain a detoxification routine as one of the reasons for your excessive sweating might be your body trying to get rid of the toxins through sweat. Excessive sweating from mercury poisoning is a prime example of your body’s response to removing the toxins from your system. Drinking lots of water and watching your diet are good ways to start the treatment.

3. Stress apart from causing chemical imbalances in the brain and body, triggers over stimulation of the nervous system, which regulates sweating. Hence, consider decreasing your stress levels through meditation or yoga.

4. Exercising can help you control your sweating condition. Excessive sweating during exercise is normal in most cases sometimes even indicating a good fitness level. However, watch out for dehydration that you might experience.

5. Acupuncture, an alternative treatment has been shown to be a great treatment for excessive sweating.

6. Herbal remedies are proven to be great treatments for excessive sweating. Many people suggest sage herbal tea, sage tablets, or chamomile.

7. Folks, Botox is not really an excessive sweating treatment as it merely masks the symptoms.

Recently, there has been hype about an antiperspirant called Driclor, which many people find to be effective. Some even reviewed it to be the best antiperspirant for men. But, this product does come with a list of side effects. So, be sure to be extra careful if you decide to use it.