7 Things About Rhus Dermatitis Treatment You Didn’t Know!

Rhus Dermatitis

There are many types of dermatitis, but one of the most painfully irritating is Rhus dermatitis. Rhus dermatitis, or poison ivy rash, is an allergic reaction to the plant Toxicodendron radicans (poison ivy). The reaction is caused by the plant’s production of urushiol. Urushiol causes a severe itching reaction when most people touch the plant. The rash can spread virulently, however there are many poison ivy remedies available. Here are 7 things about Rhus Dermatitis Treatment you didn’t know:

1. Poison ivy rash treatment works to dry the rash and stop it from spreading. The rash is called an allergic contact dermatitis, not an irritant contact dermatitis, so it will spread rapidly if the blisters are popped (which usually happens from intense scratching) due to allergic reaction. The best thing you can do for your blisters is to cover them so you do not scratch them. Easier said then done!

2. Rhus dermatitis can be treated with facial mask clay. Carefully pop and dry the blisters thoroughly, and then spread the clay over the open sores. Allow the clay to dry and wash off with warm water. Repeat as many times as needed.

3. Remove the tobacco from a cigarette and, after wetting it, place it on your rash. Cover with a bandage and allow the wet tobacco to sit on your blisters. You should change your bandage every four hours for as long as needed until you see that the rash has subsided.

4. Rhubarb has proven to be an effective cure for an allergic reaction to poison ivy. For instant relief, break apart a piece of rhubarb and rub it over your blisters.

5. As odd as it sounds, covering your poison ivy rash with white shoe polish will also do the trick.

6. Rubbing alcohol will dry your blisters and stop them from spreading.

7. Mix acne medicine and sea salt and rub the compound over each affected area. This will dry your rash out and stop it from spreading farther.