Age Spots on Legs Treatment – What Are Available Options?

Age Spots on Legs

Ah age spots. We’ve all probably encountered a well ripened lady or two strolling the sidewalk in a pair of terrycloth shorts with legs that look like those of a giraffe’s. While we might think of her leopard print legs as a result of harsh aging, age spots on legs (or anywhere else for that matter) aren’t just one of the many druthers of getting older, they’re caused from the sun doing damage over many years.

Age spots on legs are less common than they are on the hands, neck, chest and face. Consider where the sun hits and what parts of your body are exposed. While less common, age spots on legs do occur, and for frequent wearers of capris and even the occasional risqué pair of daisy dukes, they can be an eyesore and a tremendous wardrobe nuisance. Thankfully, age spots removal has come a long way, saving calf bearing summer wardrobes everywhere.

The most common treatments for age spots on legs are prescription creams. Most often, these are either retinol treatments or hydroquinone cream. These surprisingly yield pretty positive results. However, for particularly stubborn brown or grey spots, further action may be required. This is when laser treatments for age spots may be considered an option, along with light therapy and chemical peels and spot treatments.

Age spots home remedies should not be overlooked, especially in milder cases. Aloe vera gel and apple cider vinegar are both purported pantry solutions for this literal “age old” problem. Of course, as with many home remedies, the effectiveness is often limited, immeasurable, or unrepeatable. But, for people with very sensitive skin, aloe vera, for instance, might just be a practical method of lightening mild age spots on legs.

No matter how long you have been burdened with your auburn anomalies, you can rest assured that a trip to the dermatologist will not only answer many of your questions about sun damage and its effects on the skin, you will also find that there are many treatment solutions available to you in order to restore the fluid and natural color in your skin.