Age Spots Removal: Top 5 Methods

Age Spots Removal

Age spots appear as a result of frequent overexposure to sun and are quite harmless in nature. If you are concerned about these brown hyper pigmentations on your face, chest or hands, you can refer to your dermatologist for the best age spots removal treatment in your situation. Before heading to your dermatologist’s office you can try several age spots home remedies we have listed on the website.

After having carefully examined your skin, your doctor is going to prescribe an appropriate treatment to remove age spots depending on the condition and type of your skin. Different skin types might respond differently to the same type of age spots removal treatment, therefore it’s important to see an experienced dermatologist for assessment.

1. Laser treatment for age spots is the number one method for effective and safe brown spot removal. Laser skin resurfacing utilizes the power of laser to remove a top layer of skin restoring a beautiful spot-free complexion. However, laser age spot removal procedure does assume some recovery time and some risks involved. Darker skin types are not considered good candidates for laser age spot removal due to a higher risk of developing a hyper pigmentation as a result of the treatment. Some patients may experience serious skin swelling, infection or a flare up or a chronic skin condition like herpes.

2. Cryotherapy for age spots is another very commonly prescribed age spots removal procedure. Cryotherapy is mostly used for small brown spots that do not take large surfaces of skin. Liquid nitrogen agent is topically applied to age spots to freeze burn the top layer of skin. Once the skin heals, the extra pigment goes away revealing clear skin. Just like any cosmetic treatment Cryotherapy is not right for everyone and does carry some unwanted side effects like discoloration and scarring.

3. Chemical peel is also used to erase the thin layer of skin clearing away your age spots. One should expect skin irritation and redness immediately after the treatment. It’s very important to keep away from the sun after the chemical peel procedure due to skin’s initial hypersensitivity.

4. Dermabrasion is another method of age spots treatment that uses various tools to take off the top layers of sun damaged skin and erasing the brown spots. This age spots removal method is rather invasive compared to any other treatment and might even cause bleeding and skin inflammation.

5. Topical creams that combine bleaching agents with steroids are sometimes prescribed for age spots that help lighten and improve the appearance of hyper pigmentation.