Anti Aging Diet Menu For Women: Top 10 Foods To Include!

Anti Aging Diet

Sure, it’s easy to pick up jars and tubs of creams, balms and lotions all designed to combat aging skin problems. You may even be considering more invasive procedures such as lasers and injections to help beat the crow marks and frown lines that you’ve been experiencing. But, there is one consideration that you may have completely overlooked, and that is what you are taking in on the inside. Sure, it may not seem as relevant to your dermis as something that you slather on the outside, but studies suggest that an anti aging diet might do a whole lot more than you think to help combat the progressive signs of aging such as eyesight problems and bone injuries and of course, to help prevent wrinkles. Now, there is no specific dietary regimen or meal plan that is particularly designed to help your skin maintain its youthful appearance, rather an incorporation of foods and beverages that all have important compounds necessary for maintaining skin’s vitality. We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 foods that any anti aging diet should include!

1. Grapes and Wine: Are you kidding? A diet that encourages wine? Sure! Believe it or not, grapes and wine both contain resveratrol, a compound that can help prevent premature aging. More bonuses? Heart disease and cancer risks are also reduced!

2. Oats and Barley: While they might not be the tastiest selections on your anti aging diet, whole grains cannot be overlooked as they are essential to maintain good overall health, and that of your skin. By helping to maintain the health of your blood vessels that feed the skin, whole grains pack a powerful punch.

3. Spinach: Chock full of vitamin K, which can be considered one of the most important anti aging vitamins for its role in bone density and health, spinach shapes up as a versatile and important super food. Beneficial to the bones and eyes, Spinach might not be one of the best anti wrinkle foods, but it sure is an important part of slowing the progression of the aging process.

4. Curry Powder (turmeric): You may use this spice all the time and not even realize how beneficial it can be as part of an anti aging diet. It’s known for its ability to boost mental aptitude and help ward off the cognitive signs of aging and in areas where it’s a diet staple, the incidence of Alzheimer’s disease is exponentially lower than it is in other parts of the world. For more proof that you need curry powder in your diet, consider its role as an antioxidant, capable of destroying free radicals that are responsible for cell death which can lead to damaged and aging skin.

5. Tomatoes: You can use them in soups and stews and salads and atop sandwiches or simply eat them plain. There is hardly a more well enjoyed and multipurpose foodstuff than the tomato. While it can be good eats without you having to have any ulterior motives, the Lycopene in tomatoes has been shown in studies to reduce the effects that the sun’s rays have on the skin which can slow the progression of sun induced aging.

6. Almonds: Loaded with vitamin E, almonds can benefit the skin of course, just as many over the counter products laden with this alphabetized vitamin do as well. However, vitamin E is also useful for your balance and coordination, things that tend to disappear as we age.

7. Chocolate: Isn’t this list of foods for an anti aging diet spectacular? Wine and chocolate, there is hardly a simpler diet plan to follow. While chocolate is bad of course in abundance, small amounts provide the body with flavonoids which can help relax the blood vessels. The additional effects of this are lowering blood pressure, which commonly raises as we age and also noted in studies was the ability of cocoa to keep blood vessels youthful and healthy.

8. Oranges: Beta carotene and vitamin c found in fruits like oranges can help keep cells that have gone buck wild from corrupting the rest of the bunch. While you can see evidence of this in improved skin surfaces and a reduction in the signs of aging, under the surface, you are also reducing your risk for macular degeneration and other eyesight issues that can be common as we age.

9. Fish: An anti aging diet isn’t the only one that calls for fish and it’s no wonder, the omega-3’s contained inside fatty fishes like salmon do the body right. Your risk of serious age related diseases can be reduced and your skin will no doubt benefit from the supplementation of omega-3 in your diet.

10. Dairy Products: Vitamin D is known as the sun vitamin because that’s where most people get it. However, too much time in the sun can seriously damage your skin. Dairy steps in to fill this void to keep your body from being deficient in this important vitamin while protecting your skin, whether aging or not, from the sun’s harmful rays.