Anti Cellulite Massage Tools and Techniques

Anti Cellulite Massage

If you’re wondering how to get rid of cellulite naturally, you might be considering a variety of methods including diet and exercise, however there is one method that you may not be familiar with, and that is the skin improving art of massage. Whether done by you, a friend or loved one or a skilled masseuse, the benefits of an anti cellulite massage can become very apparent in a dimpled dermis. By stimulating circulation and motivating the breakup of deep dwelling fatty clumps, an anti cellulite massage can prove beneficial to people suffering from orange peel skin and can be an important part of your existing routine that likely includes both a healthy diet and exercises to get rid of cellulite.

The most inexpensive and easy option is to handle things on your own. Amongst cellulite home remedies, few come less expensively and simpler than picking up a ten dollar, hand shaped, cellulite massager. These typically come with completely rotating metal balls that, when combined with the pressure from your hand, create a massaging experience truly tailored to you. You can target the trouble areas in the privacy and peacefulness of your own home or shower and combine this handy tool with creams or lotions for maximum benefit. While it’s likely the least effective form of anti cellulite massage, users report noticeable results from these handy hand tools.

If you have a willing victim – er, friend or loved one – you can attempt to convince them to perform an anti cellulite massage on you, although, be prepared to return the favor. To reduce cellulite on thighs, for instance, coat the area with a moisturizing lotion (or, one containing retinol or other cellulite combating ingredient.) The area needs to be well lubricated so that friction is avoided and the hands can glide gracefully on the skin’s surface. The massage should start at the lowest afflicted area and move in an upwards direction. Using long strokes sort of like a paintbrush, your willing masseuse should use their fingers and palms to apply pressure to the affected areas. Circular patterns and kneading motions should also be alternated as a part of an anti cellulite massage. If you truly trust your at home massaging companion, it’s also suggested for them to pinch the skin in between their knuckles and gently pull it away from the body at which point it can also be tugged and pulled in different directions. These steps can be alternated as long as your friend is willing and should be finished with the same paintbrush like strokes that started the anti cellulite massage.

If you find that at home massage hopes are shot because of your lack of willing performer or a lack of desire to add another tool to your collection, you can always consider an anti cellulite massage by a skilled practitioner. Be prepared though as the cost variance between this method and the others can be substantial!