Anti Vitiligo Oil Review

Anti Vitiligo Oil

While on a small percentage of the population is forced to deal with the white patches on skin areas that are the hallmark characteristics of this uncommon condition, all of them are looking for the fastest, longest lasting and most effective remedy available. For some, a vitiligo natural treatment is desired, while for others, light therapy and creams and ointments are the preferred method. Regardless of what the specifics of your condition are, you may have heard about anti vitiligo oil at some point and want to know more about it and if it works and if it’s right for you.

Anti vitiligo oil is typically a combination of different types of natural products that are all combined into a natural skin solution that purportedly reduces the appearance of the areas that are experiencing a loss of skin pigment. These products, packaged and marketed as anti vitiligo oil, commonly contain components such as coconut oil, black cumin, various roots and other herbs. Each component is thought to contain one or more properties that can help combat the condition.

However, vitiligo facts completely contradict the use of these products. We know that vitiligo is a depigmentation of certain parts of the skin and that this is caused from either the death or stoppage in functioning of melanocytes, the tiny cells that are responsible for the production of melanin, the compound that gives our skin pigment. Since it’s extremely unlikely that anti vitiligo oil is going to miraculously resuscitate or revive these defunct cells, it’s a fairly reasonable assumption that you shouldn’t expect results from using these types of products. Additionally, if the condition was so simply and easily treated with a combination of oils and natural herbs and spices, why on earth would people resort to expensive and intense laser and light therapy, skin grafting and even skin bleaching in order to combat the condition? These extreme forms of treatment are used when other less intense methods fail, but wouldn’t exist if anti vitiligo oil was a fast and easy fix for the skin condition.

Nature provides remedies for all sorts of ails and is very useful in skin care and treating many skin conditions. It is however, not effective for vitiligo. Because of the mental anguish that this condition can cause, by sufferers experiencing stigmatization from those around them due to the appearance of their skin, they’re an easy target for marketers of snake oil type products. However, proper consultation and care from a dermatologist is the best and most suitable course of action for vitiligo. You and your doctor can explore the treatment options that are best for you based on your skin type and the extent of the condition as treatment for everyone is not the same. One thing is for sure however, it’s almost certain that your dermatologist will not recommend anti vitiligo oil!