Anti Wrinkle Pillow Review – Is It Worth Buying?

Anti Wrinkle Pillow

Are you skeptical of the anti wrinkle pillow? If you’re like me, you think that this farfetched sounding product is about as likely to be effective as a t-shirt that makes you lose weight. However, there may be a little bit of evidence to support its effectiveness as a contender against the best anti wrinkle cream.

First of all, anti wrinkle pillow can refer to one of two things. Either a pillow that’s design is such that it eliminates stress and friction when you sleep thereby purportedly reducing lines and wrinkles primarily around the eyes. Secondly, another anti wrinkle pillow product isn’t a pillow at all, but a pillow case, laced with copper oxide.

In regards the first entry, pillows designed to prevent compression wrinkles by keeping your eye naturally open. Well open-ish, you want to sleep, of course. This has actually proven to be effective and it’s logical to see why. Surely some of the contortionist positions we sleep in whether on purpose of because of some wild dream we’re having are going to have an effect on how much our face gets smooshed against our squishy head rests, creating our frown lines. Therefore a product that keeps our faces from getting scrunched against our pillow might actually be effective against further developing lines and wrinkles. Another similar product uses a satin case and a crescent shape to minimize nighttime friction.

The kookiest of the anti wrinkle pillow product has to be in the copper oxide wrinkle reducing pillow. While further testing still needs done, initial study groups saw a reduction in wrinkles by using this product, claims usually only reserved for the best anti wrinkle cream. It’s secret? Preliminary tests link collagen production and copper oxide. There’s a little science in everything isn’t there?

So is the amazing pillow that can prevent wrinkles and decrease the look of lines worth it? Well, are you looking for a natural remedy that doesn’t involve harsh creams or ointments? Not wanting to go under the knife, laser or needle? Then this product might be for you!