Armpit Rash and Odor – What Could Be The Cause?

Armpit Rash and Odor

It’s not uncommon at all to end up with an armpit rash. Consider the things that your armpit goes through in a day. In many cases, it gets shaved, covered in some sort of chemical laden deodorant, and then rubbed back and forth hundreds and hundreds of times a day. Having an armpit rash can be caused by all sorts of things, and some of them might be very surprising to you.

Consider some common causes. For instance, many skin rashes that itch are simply caused by what you are putting on it. Have you switched deodorants or tried a new body spray? Perhaps even switched soaps or body washes? Because of shaving, the underarms are much more sensitive than other areas of the body. Likely however, you will encounter an itchy neck rash or one that encompasses other areas of the body if external solutions are to blame. Have you been swimming lately? A hot tub rash or one caused from a swimming pool or any other body of water that is packed with chlorine can cause an uncomfortable reaction that can cause an armpit rash, again primarily if your pits are shaved clean. In fact, shaving itself can be responsible for causing a rash, as little red bumps arising from irritated hair follicles or worse, ingrown hairs are incredibly common.

However, there are other causes of an armpit rash that you might not be aware of. Some of these can even cause unpleasant odors that differ from that associated with sweat or heavy activity. Take for instance, intertrigo, literally a rash resulting from chafing of warm and moist skin against itself. This is actually one of the more common childhood rashes that babies and toddlers experience, mostly from wet diapers. When areas of skin are wet and hot start rubbing back and forth for long periods of time, irritation can occur, and that can often manifest in the form of an armpit rash. This warm and moist environment is the perfect happy breeding ground for all sorts of bacteria, and a large conglomeration of happy bacteria can sometimes create foul odors. You can also have infections of the sensitive skin of the armpit that aren’t associated with friction at all, such as a fungal infection, most typically caused by candida, the friendly fungus that lives among us but can proliferate in ideal living conditions and cause infections from time to time. A fungal armpit infection can cause a red rash and often, a different odor than you’re used to from the standard B.O. department. Infections such as these that don’t respond to home care typically require medications such as anti fungals to provide relief, and you should consider a trip to your health care provider if you think that you are battling microscopic beasties in your pits.

An armpit rash is normally nothing to worry about, but it’s easiest to treat if you know the source. Your best bet is to identify if you have made any product changes or had any unfortunate shaving incidents that might be causing your symptoms. If you are still plagued with a rashy pit, or, if you notice a lump or bump and an odor that you just can’t quite put your finger on, consider a quick trip to your primary care physician to rule out more sinister goings on.