Australian Gold Tanning Lotion Review

Australian Gold Tanning Lotion

Many of us have used Australian Gold tanning lotion before. Their iconic cocoa colored bottles and coconut scented oils and lotions remind many of us of days at the beach. But how effective are Australian Gold tanning lotion products? How do they stand up against their competitors? Are they really just as good as expensive, trendy products like designer skin tanning lotion?

You bet your tanned butt they are. A bottle of Australian Gold tanning lotion normally won’t cost you more than $10.00. Even a bottle of their “designer” product, the Jwoww tanning lotion, can be yours for under $20.00. This is a far cry from the $50-$60 average prices of high end lotions and oils. Australian Gold makes a product to suit everyone’s needs, and that versatility in the marketplace is what helps keep them at the top of the best sellers list. For instance, their accelerating lotion skips the tingle and hot fads and gets right down too adding color. It’s also a great multipurpose product for no matter what kind of bed you are using. That means if you start in a regular bed, you don’t have to change your brand of indoor tanning lotion just because you got upgraded to a better bed.

Lotion isn’t the only thing Australian Gold makes, and their selection of tanning oil products, including exotic scented sprays and mists are great for outdoor tanning and even less expensive than their indoor counterparts. However, Australian Gold Tanning lotion is the product line that they’re known for, and they have a huge assortment of different types and scents that are sure to suit every sunbather.

Of course, the best tanning lotion will always be “none.” Tanning (whether indoors or outdoors) can cause sunburn, permanent damage, and skin cancer. Using a lotion or oil will not protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. If you want to keep your skin youthful with fewer wrinkles, softer and smoother, keep it out of the sun. But, if you insist on soaking up either natural or artificial rays, then Australian Gold, a decades old product, is sure to have something that will enhance your experience.