Baby Oil Gel – 5 Best Choices!

Baby Oil Gel

When I had my son, I avoided baby oil like the plague. There was no easy or practical way to use it, it was messy, smelled weird and was a poor alternative to other products that I had on hand. Who knew years later someone would take the goodness of baby oil and convert it into an easy to use gel, taking the baby oil ingredients I desperately wanted to slather on my newborn and making it easier to use. Even though this is still a relatively newer product, there are many fine choices available to you if you find yourself on the market for baby oil gel.

1. Johnsons Baby Oil Gel: They perfected the original, and have taken their proven formula of baby oil and packed them into a clean gel. Inexpensive and effective, this is a great buy if you’re looking for this type of product.

2. Equate Baby Oil Gel: On a budget? Then pick up this bargain buy for around two dollars. With the money you save you’ll have enough to buy that organic baby lotion your friends are raving about.

3. Angel of Mine: If you’re not into organic baby wash and not willing to pay three times as much for your products, you will find satisfaction in knowing that for just one dollar you can pick up a bottle of Angel of Mine baby oil gel. Lavender and chamomile enhance the soothing properties of this gooey wonder.

4. Johnsons Multi: Johnson’s takes it standard baby oil gel product and packs it with soothing chamomile and enriching vitamins. It leaves one wondering if this product isn’t a bit more tailored to the adult crowd.

5. Johnsons with Aloe: this is a fantastic product for babies, children and big people too. Combining their baby gel with aloe means that this gelatinous substance provides all the skin benefits of the other versions but can be a great ally for after sun care too.

Inexpensive, effective and readily available, this tried and true product used by our parents and grandparents has been updated to promote ease of use and portability. Given the extra goodies thrown in, you might find yourself picking up a bottle of this wonder goo even if you don’t have any little ones.