Bat Guano Mascara: Myths and Facts!

Bat Guano Mascara

When word came out about Starbucks using crushed bugs to create the pink color in many of its beverages, the news went viral, outraging everyone from music playing hipsters to frazzled business women. They were shocked to find that a product found in nature was being used in the items they were purchasing. The truth is, whether we like it or not, there are often questionable ingredients in the products we buy (and drink) everyday. Thankfully one of them is not bat guano mascara.

How exactly people became to believe that the waste byproduct of bats was ending up, or could even be useful in, the fiber mascara which plumps up our lashes to extreme lengths is unknown. Many people think it has to do with the relationship between the word guano and the word guanine, which is one of the genuine ingredients in mascara. So is this little linguistic slip responsible for people thinking that truckloads of bat guano mascara are being shipped to our drugstores every day? Well, maybe yes and maybe no. Here are some common myths and facts surrounding bat dung and your mascara:

Myth: Bat Guano is used in mascara manufacture.
Fact: No, it isn’t. Everyone knows the bacterial risks associated with feces, there is no government agency on the planet that would allow droppings in your cosmetics.

Myth: Animal products, such as fish scales, are used in cosmetics.
Fact: Yes, they are. Why are people so apprehensive about animal products when they are a natural and renewable resource? We have achieved great things with compounds found in nature, just not their poop.

Myth: Bat Guano is not used commercially for anything.
Fact: Bat Guano is used in many products, such as fertilizer (a common use for waste). It’s just not used on your peepers.

Myth: Bat Guano is the only product falsely believed to be in mascara.
Fact: Mascara for some reason is on fiction overload when it comes to what is in it. Rumors of glass, tar and even fetuses (all of which are completely untrue) have made their way into the cosmetics rumor mill.

The fact is that while there is no such thing as bat guano mascara, some of the components of this cosmetic necessity might make your stomach churn. Guanine, found in numerous cosmetics, cleaners, bath products, lipsticks, nail polishes, conditioners and skin care. Where does guanine come from? Fish scales. Hey, it’s better than bat poop.

That’s right, you thought bat guano mascara was the find of the century but how does finding out that the majority of the beauty products you use everyday contain little particles of Nemo and pals? Hopefully you don’t feel different at all. Guanine has been around for a long time and is found in everything from the best mascara for sensitive eyes to children’s hair conditioner. It’s perfectly safe, and while its origins might be a little unnerving, think of it as using an organic resource. And, if it ever starts to bother you that your exfoliating cream contains fish scales, just remember, at least it’s not bat poop.