Bed Bug Bites Symptoms – What To Pay Attention To?

Bed Bug Bites Symptoms

Oh Bed bugs! Once, an uncommon nuisance that was confined to unclean and crowded areas that has now increased in popularity on the infestation circuit due to tighter pesticide regulations (thanks organics!) and consistent and steady population increases. So, how do you identify bed bugs bites symptoms? How can you tell if you have a bed bug infestation before it’s maddening and overblown?

The problem with bed bug bites symptoms is that they mimic a lot of other things. For instance, a group of bites, or a bed bugs rash, may look like any other rash and even some common skin conditions. Individual bites may look just like those of mosquitoes or spider bites. Oddly enough, bed bug bites symptoms don’t normally include pain. However, they do include swelling and itching. Sometimes, the bumps will appear in lines, as if the bed bug moved from spot to spot, sampling different flavors of “you.” Bed bug bites symptoms include varying bumps that can be raised or flat.

So how can you tell if you need to shop for bed bug bites treatment or alternatively for a product for head and body lice or fleas? No reason to be alarmed. You can use environmental clues in conjunction with your symptoms to determine if you have a bed bug problem, or something else. One of the interesting things about bed bug bites symptoms is when and where they occur. Most often, you will see bites occurring at night and while you sleep. Lice, for instance, are active all day. Fleas are too.

Unless you have an allergic reaction to bug bites, treatment for bites from bed bugs is the same as any other insect invasion. Soap and water cleansing with a bit’ o’ antiseptic and perhaps a hydrocortisone ointment for itch relief.

Because of how quickly a bed bug infestation can get out of hand, identifying the physical symptoms you are experiencing when coupled with environmental cues will give you the best possible head start to eliminating the creepy crawlies if you believe your abode has a few hundred buggie families residing within. If you think you have encountered bed bugs at a public place, such as a hotel room, notify the staff immediately, and ask to switch rooms. Clean all of your belongings and yourself repeatedly, to attempt to ensure that if you have encountered an infested area, that you leave the infestation behind you!