Bee Sting Therapy For Pain May Cause Adverse Allegic Reaction

Bee Sting Therapy

We’ve been using the beneficial physical features and venom cocktails of animals for thousands of years. Leaches, for instance, are still used today in medicine for their blood sucking abilities. Another equally detested but potential miniature medical marvel is the bee. Or rather its sting, and the magical mixture of potent ingredients contained within. But this article isn’t about treatment or first aid for bee stings, it’s about using bee stings, medically!

Although still largely an alternative medicine function, apitherapy or, bee sting therapy, is that by which the venom from the sharp-butted insects we all dodge at family outings, is intentionally injected either with a needle, or by the bee in a controlled setting. Don’t be fooled, a honey bee sting on purpose doesn’t hurt any less than one you get on your own. What’s worse is that if you are someone who suffers from a bee sting allergic reaction, using apitherapy could be very dangerous. People with a known allergy to bees should not use or consider bee sting therapy. Should you elect bee sting treatment and are unaware you have an allergy, it’s important to know that you can still experience a dangerous adverse reaction which can lead very quickly to anaphylactic shock, and even death.

Bee sting therapy has been touted as a treatment for many ailments including multiple sclerosis, rheumatism and various autoimmune diseases. While recent studies have suggested little to no benefit from the utilization of bee sting therapy, older studies still adhere to evidence suggesting that the venom is both an anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial agent.

No matter which side of the fence you are regarding the admittedly bizarre practice of intentionally receiving painful bee stings to reduce pain, the most important thing to remember is that if you have an allergy, no matter how appealing this age old practice is to you, you cannot partake in it. The adverse and potentially life threatening situations that can arise in severely allergic individuals must be treated in minutes. If you even think that you might have an allergy, look to an alternative means for care.