Best Curling Mascara For Straight Lashes

Best Curling Mascara

I will admit it. I have the most awful eyelashes ever. No matter how glowing my blue eyes might be on any given day, they are admittedly framed by bushy eyebrows and the lashes of a preteen boy. I pitifully tried to curl my lashes one day, using a contraption given to me by my mother in law, only to poke myself in the eye with this instrument of terror. I knew there had to be something to improve my eyelashes, and I tried several products. Here is what I came up with for my picks for best curling mascara.

1. Physicians Formula Mascara: I love Physicians’ Formula Products, including their mascara. I achieved as much curl as my physical existence allowed, and didn’t have any mega clumps. Their gentle formula also meant no pain for me when I jabbed myself in the eye with my applicator.

2. Lash Blast Mascara: volume and curl are what you get with this product, and I found the application smooth and the results stuck with me all day, leaving me no need to reapply. This is perhaps the best volume mascara on the beauty market.

3. Maybelline XXL Curl Power: Cutesy name, but a good product. Definitely the best Maybelline mascara on the market for pumped up volume and curlability. The low price made my wallet happy also.

If you have extra money lying around, you can opt for some of the more pricey brands that I have not tried, but have earned rave reviews for being the best curling mascara around. Examples would be Christian Dior DiorShow and Clinique High Impact Curling mascara, arguably the best curling mascara on the market.

I was happy with the results of my tests to find the best curling mascara. I was also thrilled to know that I could find products that gave me the results that I wanted without having to use the medieval torture device that I received via hand me down. Try the aforementioned products to achieve great curl, less clumps and no flaking because these fashion faux pas look as bad as my eyebrows.