Best Makeup For Rosacea Skin – What To Avoid?

Best Makeup For Rosacea

Apart from the extreme discomfort that rosacea can cause, it can also cause many emotional disturbances such as low self confidence, stress and anxiety. For people who do not want to go with traditional treatments like antibiotic medication and surgery, there are natural remedies for rosacea, which are proven to be effective. However, what to do on a day to day basis to hide the embarrassing redness?

There are many makeup products available for different types of rosacea that can help boost the personā€˜s self confidence. Skin affected by rosacea is sensitive and prone to severe irritations. Hence, it is vital to buy a makeup that addresses rosacea in particular. But, with so many makeup products out on the market, finding the best makeup for rosacea can be a tough job.

The best makeup for rosacea should be multi-functional, provide an effective cover, contain less to no skin irritants. Avoid buying a product with an extensive list of ingredients. The less number of ingredients you apply on the skin, the less prone it is to irritations. Hence, find a makeup product that is multi-functional (foundation and sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection). Consider looking into cover corrective makeup products that are especially designed for people suffering from serious skin inflammatory conditions like rosacea.

Avoid oil based make-up as it may clog the pores and induce more irritation to the already damaged skin layer. A water-based cover corrective foundation with a green tinted base that contains natural ingredients results in no harmful side-effects and acts as a sunscreen is often the best foundation for rosacea. There are many mineral powders available as foundations and blushes. Consider using them as they provide good cover and tend to irritate the skin less.

Before applying any foundation, care should taken to gently clean the face and apply the prescribed moisturizer for rosacea. This will remove the dirt and provide hydration to the skin. Also, avoid applying the foundation with your fingers (tend to be oily) or regular sponge (can be harsh on the skin) for makeup application. Instead, consider using a gentle antimicrobial foundation brush that should be cleaned regularly.

These days, with a little research, you can find the best makeup for rosacea for your skin. However, try to avoid testing out too many products on your own as you may continue to damage your skin. Instead, consult your dermatologist before buying a makeup product as they know which ingredients you should avoid for your skin problem. Discussing the ingredients in your makeup product can help you decide if it is the best makeup for rosacea for your skin type.

Your skin is the largest organ in your body and is greatly capable of healing itself with right nutrition. Skin is capable of absorbing nutrients as well as toxins. Hence, apart from providing nutrients to skin, care should also be taken not to supply toxins to the skin.