Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes – Top 10 Cheapest Picks!

Best Mascara For Sensitive Eyes

Are your eyes sensitive to eye make-up? Do you start the night looking like a fashion model, and end up looking like you’ve come down with pink eye? Choosing makeup that is formulated especially for sensitive eyes or skin is essential when you are shopping for mascara. The best mascara for sensitive eyes is many times very simple mascara. If you look at the ingredients in mascara, look for a more organic product, or one that doesn’t promise to do ten things to your lashes! Here is a list of the top ten cheapest picks when it comes to best mascara for sensitive eyes:

1. Physician’s Formula Mascara is definitely among the best mascara for sensitive eyes. It is made with natural ingredients and is priced under $10!

2. Almay makes a mascara called “One Coat Nourishing Mascara Thickening” that is made with aloe. Not only is this Almay mascara hypoallergenic, it costs around $5!

3. The best Maybelline mascara for eye sensitivity is the Maybelline Intense XXL. This mascara will create the look you always wanted from your other mascaras: thick, full, long eyelashes without irritating your eyes.

4. Another product that is considered the best mascara for sensitive eyes comes from Zhen. Zhen sensitive eyes mascara runs for about $15, but lasts longer than cheaper mascaras and was formulated especially for keeping lashes long without inflaming the eyes.

5. Not a brand name but a color, black mascara is better for sensitive eyes than colored mascara. When choosing your mascara, stick to black in lieu of brown or crazy colors, and you can keep the price and your eye irritation down.

6. Neutrogena Healthy Lengths Mascara is formulated with rice protein and can be purchased for $8.99. The natural protein found in rice will be gentle to your eyes.

7. “I Beauty Sensitive Eyes” is not only $5.99, it is guaranteed to be non-irritating.

8. Lumene Sensitive Eyes Mascara will volumize your lashes while being gentle to your skin. And the product is only $3.95.

9. Clinique’s Lash Power Mascara lasts longer, makes lashes look longer, is safe for contact lenses and sensitive eyes, and can be purchased for less than $15.

10. Ocusoft Mascara is opthamologist recommended and costs around $10.