Best Melasma Treatment Review – Which Product To Choose?

Melasma Treatment

For most people, a random dark spot here or there on the arm or leg is hardly a concern. It’s when these areas of hyperpigmentation creep onto our faces that suddenly panic ensues and a quick solution is quickly sought out. The problem with skin care problems is that selecting a product amongst shelf after shelf of appealing looking jars, tubes and tubs can be a confusing conundrum. So for people suffering from chloasma during pregnancy or melasma from excessive sun exposure, the solution is typically the same, and that is a hydroquinone containing product found in many types of melasma treatment products.

But, knowing what you need in a cream and sorting out which one is the best are two entirely different problems. While every product claims to be the best melasma treatment, it certainly doesn’t mean that it’s true, or that it’s right for you. In fact, hydroquinone, the very active ingredient that is found in typical skin pigmentation treatment products, can be rather irritating to some people and therefore while the best melasma treatment may contain this potent product, it may not be something that your sensitive skin can tolerate. Still, dermatologists contend that if you want results, a melasma cream packed with hydroquinone is what you need to use. However, they caveat this with a reminder that melasma can and may return and use of hydroquinone must be stopped intermittently or swapped out with other products in between uses. It’s important to use these products under the supervision of your health care provider.

So which cream do you choose? You will have to weigh many factors when making your decision. For instance, Nadinola fade cream, boasting 3% hydroquinone, is a reportedly effective product, costs around ten bucks, is available over the counter and is a light formula that absorbs fast, goes on smooth and can even improve the texture of skin. If you’re looking for the best melasma treatment on a budget and without the hassle of visiting the pharmacy, then Nadinola is definitely a top pick. However, there are some downsides to this discount option. Some very dark spots can prove to be virtually unresponsive to treatment, and the scent is reportedly less than aromatic. If you want to get into the 4% hydroquinone products, you are going to have to pay a visit to the doctor which will be followed with another to the pharmacy. This one percent ingredient increase may not seem like much, however it could mean the difference between removing and not removing stubborn and sinister marks. While expensive, Tri Luma cream is the best melasma treatment you could ask for. This triple ingredient combination product offers many layers of benefit for your skin. Starting with an increased dose of hydroquionone, adding an anti inflammatory agent, and finishing with Tretinoin to clear skin, this trifecta of skin management is the best melasma treatment available.

It’s wise to discuss your skin discoloration with your health care provider before choosing a product. He or she will be able to provide helpful insight as to the severity of your condition and may be able to help you decide which is the best melasma treatment for you based on your skin type and the level of treatment you require.