Best Skin Toner – Top 5 Brands Experts Recommend!

Best Skin Toner

Until recently, many skincare experts shunned the idea of applying alcohol based toners to the skin, citing that the drying effects did more damage than they did good. However, toners have come a long way, and their ability to balance PH levels without drying out your skin has made everyone including experts take notice. From pore minimization to the removal of dead skin cells leftover from washing, some of the best skin toner products on the market are multi functional powerhouses that will leave you with brighter and more radiant skin. Finding the best toner for oily skin for instance, has never been easier. And, if you already have issues with dryness, you don’t have to rule toning products out because finding the best toner for dry skin is easy and inexpensive. Acne prone individuals can really reap the benefits of applying the best toner for acne before moisturizer and makeup because these products can oftentimes reduce the symptoms of skin eruptions.

While it’s true that products of years past were often nothing more than fragrant alcohol which dried and irritated skin, today’s products combine cleansing, toning, balancing and even moisturizing properties to create the best facial toner products ever unleashed in the facial care aisle. If you’re on the market for a new product, start by checking out our list of the top 5 expert recommended brands for best skin toner!

1. Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner: Derms love Neutrogena for its effective yet gentle formulations, and so it’s no wonder it’s a top pick for best skin toner! Users report less redness and drying and even acne reduction as well! Priced at under 8 bucks, it’s a mega steal!

2. Biore Triple Action Astringent: For people with pimples, this product is heavenly. Gentle on the skin, yet a blackhead butt kicker, this toner will also help balance confused skin.

3. Avalon Organics Vitamin C Facial Toner: A very gentle toner that is user reviewed to be a great choice for people looking for the best skin toner for combination skin.

4. Olay Oil Minimizing Toner: you won’t find acne fighters in this acid free product, but users claim you will find a gentle and balanced toner that is great for all seasons.

5. Aveda Botanical Kinetics Skin Firming/Toning: A great pick for dry skin and people looking for a little climate control, this rosewater filled mist provides a refreshing cooling sensation.