Best Tanning Lotion For Tanning Beds For Pale Skin

Best Tanning Lotion For Tanning Beds

Tanning pale skin can be quite a tall order. Too long under the lamps and you’ll be crispy-fried. Not long enough and you will still look like Casper the Friendly Ghost. So what’s the best tanning lotion for tanning beds for the pasty and pale? If you’re intent on getting golden, you aren’t going to like the answer. The best tanning lotion for tanning beds is none. And, no use of tanning beds either. They’re terrible for your skin. Not even the best indoor tanning lotion can protect you from skin cancer and skin damage such as dark spots, melasma and sun fungus. The more pale the skin, the more of a target you are, and the more susceptible your skin may be to the baking rays of the fake UV light. Wasting money on tanning lotions that claim to protect skin won’t help you any either. The best thing you can do to protect your skin is to keep it out of the sun. You don’t have to be a vampire and hide inside, but subjecting pale skin to fake n’ bake beds can lead to sunburn or permanent damage. If you insist on using them, then you need to make smart choices about the best tanning lotion for tanning beds for pale skin.

Avoid overpriced, ineffective and trendy designer skin tanning lotion products. These lotions are made to appeal to the fashion conscious, and not those worried about skin health. Simple word to the wise, if it has the word “Drama” in it, you can put it back on the shelf. You’re tanning your skin, not getting emotional state recommendations from a bottle of product. The best cream for you? A non-shimmery, not impressive yellow bottle of lotion that costs around $10, called Body Drench UV Amplifying Lotion. Why is it the best tanning lotion for tanning beds? For one, it’s made for beginning tanners, which is pretty equivalent to any variety of shades of pale. Secondly, it maximizes color in the shortest amount of time. As a pale tanner, you won’t be in the bed long. You need as much color as possible. It also contains botanicals and vitamins to keep you from looking pale AND wrinkly.

If you can go without the rays, the best option for the ghostly tanner besides sun avoidance is really to try any one of the hundreds of available sunless tanning products. They’re the only ones that don’t cause sun damage (they can’t! no sun needed) and even improve the skin while they’re on! They’re a quarter the cost of some designer lotions and won’t leave you sunburned and peeling either.