Bio Sculpture Gel Nails Review: Pros and Cons

Bio Sculpture Gel Nails

There is a lot of talk about gel products edging their way into the forefront of the manicure marketplace, and one of the current popular trends is bio sculpture gel nails. They are supposedly far superior to both acrylics and their other gel competitors, but do they really live up to the hype? As with any type of nail modification, there are pros and cons to consider.


First of all, like lcn nails, bio sculpture products are typically more durable and long lasting than acrylics. This is a feature that exists with all of these types of products however, not just bio sculpture gel nails. In addition, chipping is much less common, and the results are longer lasting than acrylics as well. Again, however, this is not a unique phenomenon to bio sculpture gel nails. Another pro to this manicure method is the ability to change nail color when you please. You can apply your choice of varnish or shellac nail polish by following a few steps (and spending some money.) It’s recommended that you apply bio sculpture’s topcoat before adding another color, and the desired color should be lighter than what’s existing. You may consider some of these to be pluses that favor bio sculpture gel nails, but the majority of these are common across the board with gel products.

Users report superior results with bio gel nails, and enjoy the long lasting look they achieve. For the money that nail care can cost these days, having a long wear cover is ideal and maximizes your value. This is a great advantage for bio sculpture.


One of the cons, however, that’s worth mentioning is that all curable gel nail products are associated with an increased risk of skin cancer due to the use of UV light to cure the product. Bio sculpture claims that their products cure under much less powerful lights and faster, which minimizes risk. However studies done to demonstrate this were done by Bio sculpture themselves and not an independent and non bias institution.

Overall, if you’re looking for something a little more long lasting than traditional nail enamel, or to add a little length, you have a choice between gels and acrylics. Once you have chosen gels, you have a choice in manufacturer. Bio sculpture employs thorough product and technique training and offers a wide range of product to individualize your experience meaning that if you weigh the pros and cons and decide its right for you, it’s unlikely that you’ll be disappointed.