Brown Skin Spots From Sun – What Is The Best Treatment Method?

Brown Skin Spots From Sun

If you have brown skin spots, you’re probably more worried about how to get rid of them than what caused them, but it may be because you already know. Oftentimes, brown skin spots are age spots, and they have nothing to do with age at all. Over time, all those hours spent in the sun can wreak havoc on our skin and this gets progressively worse as we age and those sun hours add up. Thus how these brown skin spots earned their name; you see more of them as you age.

Age spots treatment is done via many different methods, but the first step is to ensure that this is what you are fully afflicted with. If you don’t have age or liver spots on skin, treating them like they are is only setting you backwards, so check in with your dermatologist and double check your speckles. He or she may also have some suggestions on how best to treat them.

One of the first choices in care is bleaching cream for darks spots. This is achieved by using prescription hydroquinone cream or retinol cream, although there are less effective over the counter products containing the same ingredients. What they do is gradually lighten the skin in the affected areas. This method of treatment is great for newer spots and those on sensitive areas where more expensive or invasive techniques are undesirable. This is traditionally the best method to remove age spots.

Sometimes a more potent age spots treatment is needed however, and for those cases there are the “annihilate the outer layer of skin so that a new fresh one emerges from within” methods. This is done via microdermabrasion or chemical peels. These processes are reserved for more severe cases or where other skin conditions exist that can benefit from these techniques. The most expensive and questionably most effective treatment for brown skin spots are laser and light therapies. Multiple treatments and fat wallets are often required to utilize these practices however and they aren’t always effective. As with the other aforementioned techniques, your skin type and level of damage are very important to effectiveness.

Consult with your dermatologist about your brown skin spots. They are able to provide an expert analysis about the amount of damage you have and the best treatment method for you. However, it’s a good idea to start small. There isn’t any reason to get crazy with laser beams if you’ve skipped over the easy to apply cream step that could solve the majority of your problems and leave your pockets padded and your skin more evenly toned.