Hand Eczema – Causes And Prevention Methods

Hand Eczema

Hand eczema, which is also called hand dermatitis, can be caused by several different factors. It is known that this condition does have a genetic component, and that it runs in families, but injuries, substances, irritation, and allergens may all also play a role in determining why some people may get this condition and others will not. Nummular eczema will affect the hands, but this type also affects other parts of the body as well. Since most types of eczema are normally chronic conditions prevention is especially important. There are many steps that you can take to minimize and prevent your hand eczema outbreaks, and this will help you avoid symptoms and complications that can be associated with this skin problem.

One treatment for sever eczema which does not respond to any other treatments is Protopic, but the Protopic side effects can include some serious conditions including infections, lymphomas, and skin cancers. For hand eczema that will respond to other treatments or that is mild to moderate this drug is not prescribed. Many people choose to use natural cures for eczema, including emollients, moisturizers, herbs, and oils, as well as other treatment methods. These can include herbal pastes, using natural oils like coconut or olive oil after bathing, and avoiding hot water and harsh chemicals.

Preventing hand eczema often means identifying and avoiding the triggers which cause your outbreaks, and taking steps to increase your skin and immune system health. Keeping your skin well moisturized will prevent drying, which can lead to other conditions including eczema. Changing to cleaning and household products that do not contain irritants can also prevent any skin problems. Eyelid eczema treatment is more restricted, because of the potential for contamination or injury to your eye, but coconut oil and other natural moisturizers can still be applied sparingly as long as caution is used. For eczema that worsens a visit to the doctor should be arranged, to ensure there are no serious complications.