Causes of Itchy Skin Bumps – Shower, Sweating and Allergies!

Itchy Skin Bumps

Itchy skin bumps can appear any time, any place. And, like any skin condition, the immediate source or cause is not often known. Small itchy bumps on the skin can be caused by anything from allergies to even general hygiene and showering. While finding out the source of your skin care woes might be important to you, for a lot of people, simply alleviating the symptoms temporarily is equally important.

When you’re trying to figure out what is causing your itchy skin bumps, think first about some common causes. Have you been around a pond or lake and had to battle hordes of mosquitoes? Their bites leave small and very itchy bumps. Got some ingrown hairs? They also manifest themselves into tiny, itchy bumps. Folliculitis also frequently involves a larger area of skin. Dermatitis is another condition that involves larger areas of the body and can be extremely itchy, and is common. Another common condition creating itchy skin bumps? Diaper rash? Well (hopefully not if you’re an adult) but you might encounter it if you wearing underwear made from synthetic fibers creating a diaper-like effect.

Other, less common health conditions can cause itchy skin all over, such as scabies and Lichen Planus. Both of these conditions can cause itchy skin bumps but are much less common than bug bites and folliculitis. Pubic lice are the least common of the body bugs genre, but their bites can leave marks just as mosquitoes can, although on less, um, visible areas.

If it’s not a bug, and it’s not an illness causing your itchy skin bumps, it may be something environmental. A major source of itchy skin causes is allergies. This would include food allergies, detergent and chemical allergies, seasonal allergies, and allergies to your girlfriend’s cat, llama ,fish, snail or dog. Sometimes, allergic reactions to irritants requires contact, and sometimes, you need do nothing more than be in the same room with that which tortures you. If you can’t blame the furry pets of your significant other, go mull over it in a nice hot shower. Or, should you? Some people experience itchy skin after shower, due to the removal of the body’s natural oils and insufficient replacement via moisturizers or crèmes. Other people have skin reactions from excessive sweating, and its ability to clog pores and create surface irritation on the skin.

The most important thing to remember is that if you are alarmed by anything on your skin, it is best to seek out medical treatment immediately. Anytime a skin condition becomes painful, changes quickly, or spreads to an abnormally large area, you have cause for concern. With the help of your health care professional, you can work together to figure out if you have a skin condition, or a girlfriend with a cat that has to go!