Causes of Itchy Skin Without Rash

Causes of Itchy Skin

Sometimes it takes a great deal of detective work to figure out potential causes of itchy skin without rash. There are a number of causes of itchy skin that do not produce bumps of redness, and these can be more difficult to diagnose and treat because of the lack of visible signs caused. A rash can help pinpoint a specific cause, and without this diagnostic tool there are many possibilities that may need to be eliminated before the cause is found according to LiveStrong.

For pruritus (itching) symptoms that are localized, it’s usually easier to find the exact cause. For example, itchy feet could be caused by scabies or ringworm organisms, and itching on the scalp by head lice or dandruff. Sometimes itching without rash is not centered over a specific area of the body, on the contrary, it produces itchy sensations literally over the entire body. This usually signals about major systemic illnesses that might be involving large organs and systems according to Medscape source.

Itchy skin after shower can be caused by an allergic reaction to bath products which is mild, and not severe enough to cause skin redness or hives. Another of the possible causes of itchy skin can be food allergies, such as a gluten sensitivity.

Itchy skin at night can be caused by many conditions that do not cause a rash, some mild and some serious. Dry skin, menopause, and other causes of itchy skin which are not severe can be irritating but are not usually serious or life threatening. In the winter months when homes are heated the dry air can rid skin of moisture, and may make it itch. Aquagenic pruritus causes itching after water exposure. Very itchy skin that does not present a rash can be caused by a serious problem with liver or kidney function, so it is always a good idea to see a physician if the problem does not resolve by itself.

One of the most serious causes of itchy skin is liver failure or function problems. If your liver can not remove toxins adequately it is possible that they may be forced through the skin instead. This can also be true if kidney function is severely compromised. This can cause a number of different symptoms, including spots on the skin where the toxic materials are being forced out of your body and itchy skin all over that can become extremely intense.

Overactive thyroid (hyperthyroidism) has also been linked to causes of itchy skin. This is due to activation of certain chemical substances in the body that lead to decrease of pain threshold. Diabetic patients also may experience excessive itching due to high levels of sugars circulating in the body.

Causes of itchy skin include another unfortunate and potentially life-threatening condition, a lymphoma. Lymphoma is a progressive type of cancer in blood accompanied by severe itch all over body, enlarged lymph nodes, unexplained weight loss and fatigue.

Everyone suffers from occasional skin that itches, but if the problem does not go away after a few days and moisturizers do not eliminate the issue, then a physical evaluation may be needed to rule out any serious conditions. To learn more about this and other dermatological conditions, click on the links below.