Cellulite Home Remedies – What Works and What Not?

Cellulite Home Remedies

Home remedies existed long before modern medicine. And many doctors of old used herbs and elixirs to treat many everyday ailments. Some worked and some didn’t, but these herbs and extracts comprise many of the modern medicines we use today. Ingredients found both in nature and in our cupboards were and still are used to treat many conditions and cosmetic issues.

Cellulite home remedies are fewer in number than many conditions. This could be because cellulite in and of itself is wholly untreatable. Besides dietary changes and exercises to get rid of cellulite, you may be left with dimple butt for the remainder of your years. You are not alone; almost all women and even some men will end up with a pillow top mattress for a backside before their years are up.

If you want to experiment with cellulite home remedies, remember to consult with your doctor first. Natural or not, many home remedies can cause swelling, inflammation and sometimes even allergic reactions, even when applied topically. Extra caution should be taken with any cellulite home remedies taken orally, as the side effects can be more intense.

One of the better known cellulite home remedies is the coffee-sugar scrub. Combining stimulating caffeine with exfoliating brown sugar can improve the look and feel of your skin when combined and scrubbed over freshly olive oil rubbed skin. Gotu kola, an herb that contains forskolin, is thought to work by destroying the devices which hold fat in place, thus creating smoother skin. While both of these remedies sound logical, a lesser known method has been used by the alternative medicine crowd. Applying baby oil to the skin and suctioning with a vacuum 4 to 5 times per week Is thought to somehow improve the look of skin, though this is likely to yield the same level of positive results as your standard cellulite lotion.

Cellulite treatments are everywhere, and can be hugely expensive. Anti-cellulite massages, for instance, can be nearly as costly as liposuction, and some creams and lotions can be upwards of 30 to 50 dollars. Natural remedies offer a mostly safe, and cost effective solution to battle cottage cheese butt and since the condition is more than likely going to be with you through your golden years, are as good a shot as any to smooth your skin. Combining your cellulite home remedies with a cellulite diet plan and exercise are going to be your best bet to beat your skin dimples, and improve the overall health and condition of your body.