Cellulitis Causes And Prevention

Cellulitis Causes

Cellulitis causes include both staph and strep bacteria. The bacteria enter through a sore, cut or insect bite. If left untreated, the infection can spread to the lymph nodes and blood. You can actually die from a cellulitis skin infection. Older adults, people with weakened immune systems and diabetics can get cellulitis without the skin being broken. These people are also at higher risk for developing complications. People who handle soil, fish, poultry, or meat and don’t use gloves are also at increased risk as are people with fungal infections of the skin, psoriasis, eczema and skin ulcers. Edema, having had liposuction and injection of illegal drugs can also predispose a person to cellulitis.

Cellulitis causes the affected area to become red, warm, tender and swollen. Other symptoms of cellulitis include chills, fever, and swelling of the glands. Untreated cellulitis causes life threatening problems like blood clots. In some cases, cellulitis causes meningitis, an infection of the brain. If you suspect that you have a cellulitis infection see your doctor immediately. If you are diagnosed with cellulitis, the doctor will prescribe oral antibiotics. If you have a very bad case of cellulitis and the infection has spread throughout your body, you may need to stay in the hospital and get antibiotics by intravenous infusion.

If you are taking oral antibiotics, take them just the way your doctor prescribed them. Even though you start feeling better in a few days, you have to take the entire prescription or the cellulitis can easily come back.

If you have had cellulitis and have some of the risk factors mentioned here, then there is a greater likelihood that you will get cellulitis again. Here are some things you can do. Keep your skin clean and moisturized. Check your legs and feet regularly, particularly if you are diabetic. If you get an infection, treat it immediately. In some cases, your doctor may want you to take antibiotics regularly as a preventive measure.