Chemical Peels for Age Spots vs Laser Treatments

Chemical Peels for Age Spots

Are you considering various age spots removal methods and wondering whether you should choose chemical peels for age spots vs. a laser treatment? Both treatments are commonly prescribed by leading dermatologists and both carry their set of benefits as well as drawbacks.

Before resorting to any type of age spots removal procedures, a professional evaluation by a dermatologist is a must. A trained dermatologist will carefully examine your skin and prescribe an appropriate procedure in your specific situation to lessen potential side effects allowing you to achieve the ultimate results.

Chemical peels for age spots are various chemical agents that are applied topically on skin that cause a light burn triggering a natural skin regenerating process. Most patients experience light skin irritation and reddening right after the procedure that goes away slowly after several days. Not all people with age spots are immediate candidates for chemical peels for age spots. Patients with dark skin types might not be right for this procedure due to an increased risk of developing blotchy complexion following chemical peels for age spots.

All patients who have undergone chemical peels for age spots are strongly advised to stay away from the sun and use additional sun protective lotions to lessen the sun damaging effects on already irritated skin.

What about laser treatments for age spots? Can they be more beneficial for removing dark brown spots? Laser skin resurfacing methods utilize various types of lasers to effectively and safely vaporize the top sun damaged layers of skin revealing healthy and clear skin. Compared to chemical peels for age spots, laser skin resurfacing is less invasive, with less recovery time and less discomfort. Side effects occur less frequently after laser procedure but are still possible depending on your skin type. Individuals with darker skin pigmentation might develop blotchy pigmentation after laser or any other skin resurfacing procedure.

In addition, alternative age spot removal treatments are available like topical hydroquinone cream that can gradually lessen the appearance of brown spots on face, age spots on legs and arms, and other signs of sun damage.