Chemically Damaged Hair – What Products Are Safe To Use?

Chemically Damaged Hair

So, you thought dying your hair red after bleaching it while getting a perm was a brilliant idea and now your hair feels like a Brillo pad. And, now you are concerned about which products you can use that will not add further damage to an already difficult situation. Well, you have good reason to be concerned; store shelves are lined with products that can make your dry damaged hair feel and look even worse than it already does and while you may find many options for damaged hair treatment, all products are not the same.

Chemically damaged hair occurs when your locks are permed, dyed or relaxed, which are all very commonplace practices considering the demanding nature of today’s hair styles. Chemical hair straightening is another method via which our tresses suffer for the sake of appearances. Unlike heat damaged hair, chemically damaged hair is often less receptive to products like regular conditioner or shampoo for damaged hair because it requires products that provide intensive repair, but are still gentle.

For starters, don’t use anything that contains alcohol on chemically damaged hair. Alcohol dries the hair out massively and can make a bad situation worse. Baby shampoo is a great alternative to harsh cleansers because it cleans the hair effectively without being overly stripping or aggressive. When it comes to conditioner, look for one that contains panthenol or wheat protein, and avoid products that combine shampoo and conditioner as these can be stripping and further the damage to your mane.

Additionally, it may seem odd to still be using a load of products on chemically damaged hair, but some are a genuine necessity. If you plan to style your hair with heat, it’s essential that you use a spray or cream before hand, something that is designed to put a good barrier between your locks and the heat source. Of course the best damaged hair treatment is avoidance of heat styling all together. A haircut or trim will be of great benefit to people suffering from chemically damaged hair. As with most types of damage, getting rid of as much fried hair as possible allows your hair’s natural repair system to focus on the remaining hair.

With deep conditioning and gentle cleansing, you can see a great improvement in the health of your hair. Regular maintenance via weekly or monthly deep conditioning treatments or salon silk treatments will expedite the process. Changes to your styling routine to prevent further damage, and using styling products to reduce damage will all enable you to stop the damage in its tracks and ensure future healthy hair growth.