CND Nail Polish Review: Pros and Cons

CND Nail Polish

CND nail polish is being raved about as the future of nail color. More of a system than your standard bottle of nail color, the combination of cnd nails stickey product combined with their shellac nail polish, and finished with a top coat if desired, is supposed to allow long nailed women everywhere to open cans of soda, jiggle car keys and type furiously without damaging their pretty painted pointers. Purportedly longer lasting that traditional nail polish and even outlasting salon manicures, CND bland claims to provide 14 days of lasting color and no chips.

So, does it live up to the hype? The majority of users agreed that the chip protection provided by CND nail polish was far superior to traditional polishes, and whether they had acrylics, glued on gel nails at home or used the system on natural nails, the color stayed tried and true, even for ladies with demanding hand work during the day. Another plus? You likely won’t pay more for uv gel nail polish from CND, as a shellac manicure costs about the same as a traditional. All in all, the coverage and longevity seem far superior to anything currently available.

There are some cons to using CND nail polish however. You may decide that you can overlook them in exchange for the lack of chipping and peeling. For instance, some users claim that the products dry the nails and surrounding skin out, and recommend using nail oil as a preventative measure. Other users of CND nail polish complain of discoloring, even when using the stickey undercoat. Additionally, while using this product won’t run you much more than its competitors in a salon setting, it’s certainly more expensive than your average bottle of nail polish. If you’re a regular user of salon products, you probably won’t experience much sticker shock, but for the grocery store nail polish aficionado, you will probably find CND’s products much pricier than what you’re used to.

Many users also attest that the applier of the product is as important as what’s being applied, claiming that different nail technicians with different skill levels resulted in longer or shorter lasting nail color, depending. While that may be observable in a salon setting, CND products aren’t going to give you superhuman nail painting abilities. If you struggled with keeping the paint in the lines before you found these products, you probably aren’t going to see any improvement in the skill department.

Overall, if you’re willing to part with a few extra bucks online, it’s certainly the cheapest way to try CND’s line of nail care. If you’re a frequenter of the nail salon scene, opt for a shellac mani on your next visit, it’s comparable cost make the endeavor relatively low risk.