Co2 Laser Resurfacing – Does It Work For Wrinkle Reduction?

Co2 Laser Resurfacing

CO2 laser resurfacing procedures is a laser wrinkle treatment that utilizes a specific carbon dioxide type of laser to target facial lines and wrinkles and reduces their appearance. This laser method has been used for a while and has proven to successfully address various types of facial wrinkles including forehead wrinkles without damaging surrounding areas. CO2 laser resurfacing method works by vaporizing wrinkles and other skin conditions like scars, acne, warts and even skin cancer.

Your plastic surgeon or dermatologist will carefully assess your skin and evaluate whether CO2 laser resurfacing will make your skin look more youthful and rejuvenated. For deep wrinkle treatment you might require alternative more radical measures that CO2 laser resurfacing can not remedy. Additionally, some individuals with darker skin tones will not benefit from this procedure to stop aging since they may develop skin pigment irregularities.

When choosing a specialist for a CO2 laser resurfacing treatment, make sure that this health professional is well qualified and experienced in laser skin resurfacing as it does take a lot of knowledge and skill to obtain the best wrinkle reducing results. Most CO2 laser resurfacing procedures are done based on an outpatient basis but may require for somebody to drive you home after the treatment.

Before CO2 laser resurfacing treatment your doctor will administer a light sedative intravenous medication to keep you relaxed during the procedure. In addition to sedative medications, a local pain relief is also provided to make you feel comfortable. The whole treatment will take from 30 minute to up to 2 hours from start to finish depending on the extent of your facial wrinkles.

After your doctor carries out this laser wrinkle resurfacing, a wound dressing is applied to the treated areas and stays there for 1-3 days. Your doctor will also instruct you how to wash and moisturize your face after the procedure to facilitate healing and reduce potential scarring. It takes approximately 3 weeks to recover from the laser skin resurfacing, however, some individuals display redness for up to 6 months following the laser treatment.

It’s fair to say that CO2 laser resurfacing can successfully treat mild to moderate wrinkles, but for deeper set wrinkles more aggressive treatments like plastic surgery might be advised.