Cocoa Butter Stretch Marks Solution: Myths and Facts

Cocoa Butter Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is awesome for your skin. It prevents and treats dryness, replenishes essential nutrients, and smells wonderful. However, it’s effectiveness as a treatment and preventative measure for stretch marks is a bit more questionable.

Beauty myths are numerous, and the enigma surrounding these silvery striae breeds mistruth. The fact is that creams of any kind, even those claiming to be the best stretch mark cream on the market, are wholly unreasonable. Cocoa butter stretch marks cream, along with every other so-called miracle product on the market, will do little to treat these zebra scars because the damage has occurred well below the skin’s surface, out of the reach of cocoa butter stretch marks cream, or any other externally applied product. Here are the top myths surrounding these unsightly pinstripes!

Myth: Stretch Marks are always caused by stretching, so cocoa butter applied preventatively will help reduce their appearance.
Fact: Stretch marks can also be caused by hormones. They can even be caused by depression. Unless cocoa butter will treat depression, your efforts may be futile.

Myth: Diet does not cause stretch marks, they have to be treated externally and not internally.
Fact: Unless you are eating cocoa butter, and that is certainly not recommended, it is going to do little to help your condition if it is caused by a poor diet.

Myth: Cocoa Butter is always good for the skin.
Fact: In normal amounts it totally is! But use too much and you might get a rash. However a rash could cover your stretch marks so it could be considered therapeutic.

Part of the reason why there is so much myth surrounding cocoa butter stretch marks treatment is that these eyesores are largely untreatable without expensive and invasive treatment, and we crave a solution. We crave a solution so badly, that we are willing to shell out large sums of money for touted miracle products that are no more effective than a bottle of shea butter stretch marks lotion.

While cocoa butter stretch marks treatment may do little after you have already been branded with linear skin scars, it has been suggested that its purpose may lie in before-damage care. It’s entirely possible that pre-stretch treatment may reduce the amount of damage your skin takes during periods of extreme growth or shrinkage, however whether this is exclusive to one type of moisturizer or another is still up for debate. Coconut oil skin benefits, for instance, have long been proven as equally effective for moisturizing skin and making it more pliable, so it’s logical that the type you choose is largely irrelevant.

Both a drugstore quick fix, and straight from the book of “passed down from Grandma” home remedies for stretch marks, cocoa butter has been regarded as a treatment for discolorations for generations. With such a difficult to diminish skin condition however, it is likely to remain nothing more than a fabulous and quality moisturizing product.