Cold Sore Herpes vs Genital Herpes – Are They Related?

Cold Sore Herpes

Lots of people have cold sore herpes, and many of them wonder how they are related to the taboo and often hushed topic of the same named condition that lives below. The fact is they are not only related, they are spreadable to each other!

It’s hard to talk about the relationship between oral herpes symptoms and genital herpes without bringing up oral sex, so if you’re uncomfortable with the topic, you may want to move on along. The truth is that cold sore herpes have no problem reforming themselves in the genitals, meaning that if you have active cold sore herpes symptoms, you need to abstain from oral sex.

You may wonder how this is possible, and ponder the whole “type 1, type 2” thing in your head. You may also wonder why it doesn’t seem to happen in reverse as often. Well, let’s consider the logistics. Is it likely for someone receiving oral sex to dismiss one little innocuous cold sore in the heat of the moment? Sure. Is it equally possible for someone giving oral sex to dismiss a sore covered genital region? Not so much.

Because many people are exposed to the virus as children in some less harmful form, it’s less likely that they will end up with the herpes virus. However, cold sore herpes are still very common, and that’s why it’s important to use precautions to prevent the spread of it to “down there” or anywhere else for that matter. Prompt treatment by a doctor, or with over the counter medications such as Abreva are a good start. The sooner you treat it, the sooner it goes away and you can get back to all of that oral sex you have apparently been missing out on. Lysine herpes treatments are touted by members of the alternative health community, but their effaciacy has yet to be proven. The fact is, it’s a communicable illness, leave the holistics alone. Remember though, you’re contagious before you get a sore, so tingling and itching, clues to a case of upcoming cold sore herpes, are signs to refrain from kissing and anything else you plan on doing with your lips.