Collagen Injections – What Are The Best Derma Fillers Brands?

Collagen Injections

For many people looking to eliminate crow lines, forehead wrinkles and other dermal dents, cosmetic procedures such as collagen injections are one solution. Designed to fill in the space underneath your wrinkled flaws, collagen injections serve as literal ditch repair from the inside out. This injectable treatment method serves to correct various moderate to severe signs of sun damage or aging such as frown lines, and even provide a lift to tired and crinkly eye areas. There are many types and brands of collagen injections that you may consider talking to your skin care expert about, and we’ve compiled a couple of top performers for you to learn more about to help determine which brand of collagen injections is right for you.

There are all sorts of variants, types and brands of injectable collagen, some even from cows. However, allergies are not uncommon with interspecies transfers of anti aging skin treatment, so we will instead focus on one of the more popular brands of human collagen, the relatively new CosmoDerm. The collagen injections associated with this brand contain only very purified collagen, straight from humans, leaving the livestock out of the equation. When introduced into the layer of soft tissue beneath the skin’s surface, it can correct lines and wrinkles and even help reduce the appearance of acne scarring, a little known additional use for collagen injections. The incidence of adverse reactions or allergies in users is very low, (just over one percent) and as such, allergy testing is typically not required. Cosmoderm is effective, typically very safe and can provide results that can last for quite awhile.

When you’re shopping for the right collagen injections for you however, don’t overlook new and hybrid type products that are supposedly better at providing long term results and motivating your body to produce its own collagen to keep your skin looking younger for longer. Radiesse injections, for instance, utilizes a gel that is calcium based that not only provides a more immediate, youthful appearance, but also provides an essential framework for your body’s own natural collagen to build on. Juvederm injections instead use hyaluronic acid, a substance that is found naturally in our bodies, in a gel form to recreate lost volume and help eliminate the crevices and cracks found on the face. It’s been shown to last up to a year without subsequent treatments and to hold up well because of its smooth gel formula.

Regardless of what type of collagen injections you are considering, know that each one comes with its own set of side effects, in addition to those associated with any form of injections, such as the risk of infection. Your doctor will discuss these and other rare outcomes such as the firming of the face or an uneven skin surface so that you are aware of the potentially non aesthetically pleasing outcomes that do rarely occur in some cases. Additionally, you will need to explore the cost of the procedure as it can vary greatly depending on the skill and experience of the doctor performing the procedure and your geographic location. No matter which options you are considering, there is bound to be a dermal filler that is ideal for you!