Contact Dermatitis Symptoms To Watch Out For

Contact Dermatitis Symptoms

Contact dermatitis symptoms are a sign that there is some type of skin allergy to one or more substances, and there are many common compounds and ingredients that can cause this inflammation and rash. Some of the symptoms of this problem can be very uncomfortable, and can even become life threatening if severe complications occur. Irritant contact dermatitis can occur on anyone when skin contact with a very irritating chemical or other substance occurs, and this can occur in many industrial environments. Contact dermatitis symptoms usually start to appear very quickly after your skin is exposed to the irritating or allergy causing substance, and can range from mild to very severe depending on the individual and the level of irritant or allergic reaction involved.

Contact dermatitis treatment may be required if you have moderate to severe symptoms. The first symptoms to appear with this condition is redness and swelling in the contact area, and this is due to the inflammation response of your body. Contact dermatitis symptoms usually progress to small blisters on the skin in the area where contact was made, and then the skin in this area will start to thicken and begin to scale. This type of dermatitis on face and body areas can itch intensely, to the point where you may not be able to ignore it or stop scratching. It can also become very painful, and may keep you from sleeping at night. The symptoms will only appear in the area where the contact occurred with the skin.

Contact dermatitis symptoms can become dangerous when the skin has been compromised. Scratching can cause infection, and so can open blisters. If you notice any drainage, redness that expands, heat, or other signs of infection you should seek medical advice immediately. In rare cases a local infection can spread through the entire body,and this can be fatal if not treated quickly. This is also a danger with lichenoid dermatitis, because of the deep tissue damage that occurs.